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Bridge collapsed in Kolkata’s Majarhat and took life of a person

Kolkata has been one of the greatest cities, but all good things have bad side also. People engage themselves in their daily busy schedule but they forget to protest against wrong. Today only a bridge collapse in Kolkata. According to the reports the accident took the life of a single person. However, the original death of a number of persons will be known later.

Are we paying for what we are living for? It can be your mother, father, brother or sister. When will the Government take action on this kind of situations? Is it still safe to travel to places on a bridge? The world has become a place for business. No one cares about anything not even a life of a person other than money.

Bridge collapses in Kolkata’s Majarhat

The bridge in Majerhat took a single life and 25 persons have been sent to the hospital but are in serious condition. It also crushed many vehicles. This area is having several buildings which are under construction. According to an eyewitness, it has been noticed that there were some people trapped in a minibus and cars. The NDRF, Fire brigade and NDRF personnel are helping to rescue the people.

Majehat connects the city of Kolkata to Baj Baj Municipality. The incident took place around 4:30 pm in the evening. Because of the collapsing of the bridge, the circular railway services stopped. The local trains that went beneath the bridge were stopped from 4:45 pm

According to the confirmation of hospital

According to the hospital, one person died. However, Chandrima Bhattacharya, the Health and Family Welfare Minister said that she heard about the death of five people. However, it is not confirmed until now. Many people in that areas are searching for their family members and they are searching also in the hospital. A daughter of a carpenter named Nikita Das is missing who went for tuition in Alipore.

According to Mamata’s verdict

According to Mamata Banerjee, the main motive, for now, is to save the life of those who are in danger now. Just below the bridge, a shack of the labor was located. According to her, most of the people are rescued.

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