Bollywood Actors Who Have Almost Disappeared From The Limelight and What They’re Up To Now?

Bollywood is a place where you need a lot of struggle to get into, especially when you are not a kid or a relative of a superstar. Many amazing actors managed to do the same. But, we also know some stars who could not settle in Bollywood. You might have forgotten some of them. Have a look.

Harman Baweja – The “What’s your Rashi? “ boy Harman Baweja made his debut with the film Love story 2050 in 2008. Many people mistook him as Hrithik Roshan that time because of the uncanny resemblance. Later, he got a chance to act in some movies but tactlessly audiences did not like his performance and he suffered from lots of failures. After his movie “Chaar Sahibzaade” (2014), no-one saw him on a screen.

Harman Baweja

Fardeen Khan-  In 1998, he entered Bollywood with Prem Agganand won Filmfare award for the same. Far ahead, he was seen in some movies like Heyy Baby and the best. His last movie so far is Dulha Mil Gaya which was released in 2010. It’s been so long though. But now, he is going to open his own production house. Let’s see where it takes him.

Fardeen Khan

Kumar Gaurav – We can’t disremember his character ‘Bunty’ in the movie Love Story

. But After this role, he could not do anything striking. He did Kaante in 2002 and suddenly went away from the screen.


Rahul Roy – This man had the grand Debut and he is known for this. “Aashiqui” marked the most wonderful thing for him but this could not long.  He was seen in Bigg Boss house in 2007.

Rahul Roy

Zayed Khan – He is best known for his role of Laxman (Lucky) in Mai Hoon Na. He was seen in many movies and known for his Mohabbat Hai Mirchi song. Now, he is not in anything big except “sab Nahi kar sakte” memes on Facebook.

Zayed Khan

Ruslaan Mumtaz – Girls went crazy when this guy debuted via MP3- Mera pehla pehla Pyar Hai. After that, he was also seen in movies like Tere sang, Dangerous Ishq. And the recent comeback was in 2016 in Khel to ab shuru hoga. (Well, you must be unaware of this movie).


So, these are those stars who could not make a better place for them in industry. After all, your charm, hard work and dedication keep you on top no matter how many times you fail.





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