5 Senseless Bollywood Movies Of All The Time

Many Bollywood movies successfully managed to influence us by their concepts, actors, plot and many more things. But there are some movies which demand you to go inside theatre without your brains. Let’s see the list.


This movie is a story of look-alikes and believe me it’s the worst movie of this kind. Silliness can be tolerated but this movie jumped to the level of senselessness. It is a slapstick that does not make you laugh but surely will make you regret watching it. Ram Kapoor, an evil Mama of Saif (Ashok) made this story more nastiest by bringing look-alikes. I would suggest to not watch or mute your brain before watching.



The plot of this movie is as confusing as its name. This movie tells you infinite times that I am “made in Germany”. This is what the dialogues of this movie conclude. The weirdest thing is we don’t know what Indian Rikshaws are doing in Germany. if you are planning to watch this film, please keep your logical thinking aside.



Today, Aamir Khan is known for his brilliant movies. But he has done the movie like Tum Mere Ho in 1990. This film is full of blind faith about snakes, been music and tantriks. Amir Khan played the role of a snake charmer, Shiva and he did many nonsense kinds of stuff like doing something by saying “Om Bhatt Swaha”. This is the snakiest and horrible movie ever. Movie dialogues do not make any sense.

tum mere ho


Many will wonder, what this movie is doing in this list? But there are many things that made this movie fall under this category. Watch this movie again and then you will notice that Speaking Parrot will suddenly start firing bullets, how Kareena’s Dad will fly in an accident, if you are something or someone,  say dad then you will have that written somewhere on your clothes or cap. Though this movie is enjoyable, at the same time you do not need to do any intellectual activity while watching it.



You need to be very strong to watch this movie. In this movie, many things happen out of nowhere. All women in this movie are shown as very weak and dependant on the men. Insane dialogue like “ Na mai Delhi wala, Na mai CBI wala, Ek Ma ka beta, ek behen ka bhai, Himmatwala! “will blow your mind. No line in the movie produces any humour or emotion. If you have a good sense, stay away from this movie.



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