Top Tankless Water Heaters of June2022

Many hosts seek the top tankless water heaters to compare them to one another. They want to study every feature carefully to be sure a certain option is able to satisfy all their needs. By finding a Noritz contractor, you will be able to install it without problems and delays. We have prepared this overview, which highlights the top 10 tankless water heaters.

Rinnai RUR98iN

The first option embraces the first position in our ranking. It is top overall due to one simple reason. It has a super high gallon per minute flow rate. This heater can suit any size of the house.


Yet, these are not all its advantages. It has a very high energy efficiency, which helps to save 96% of energy. Its temperature rise is also high and reaches 60 degrees Fahrenheit. In other words, it fits very large houses and can support several persons who turn on the water at the same time. Let’s review its main benefits:

  • Very efficiency rating – 96% energy saving;
  • Temperature rise is 60 degrees F;
  • A very high flow rate – 9.8GPM;
  • Condensing unit with dual heat exchanger.

It has only one disadvantage. It is very expensive. The cost of $1,950 and installation services may scare off some hosts.

Rinnai RUC98iN

The second unit on our list of the top rated tankless water heaters also belongs to Rinnai. It’s an indoor model. It uses natural gas. In the meanwhile, you may find a special outdoor version, which uses propane. Its temperature rise is 60 degrees F. It has a flow rate of 9.8, is compact, and is energy-efficient. The unit saves from 92% to 96% of energy. It perfectly suits big houses. Its commons cost is $1500. Let’s resume its main pros:

  • Suits all kinds of climates (including cold climates);
  • A very high flow rate of 9.8 GPM;
  • Suits large houses;
  • Offers a compact design;
  • High energy efficiency from 92% to 96;
  • The temperature rise is 60 degrees F.

The cost and installation expenses are the only drawbacks of this variant.

Rheem RTG-84XLN

Another great option from our list of the top electric tankless water heaters is Rheem. It is an outdoor option that uses gas. It includes a remote control, a lot of smart functions, a high flow rate, is energy-efficient, and is commonly suitable for warm climates. Its main benefits are as follows:

  • Perfect for average-size homes;
  • Lower cost compared to various gas models;
  • Offers a remote control;
  • Low emissions;
  • A high flow rate of 8.4 GPM.

There are only 2 main cons. Its efficiency is middle and suits only warm climates.

Rheem RTGH-95XLN

Our top gas tankless water heaters also include this option. It is likewise an outdoor unit, which uses gas. Yet, its flow rate is higher compared to the previous one – 9.5 GMP. Make allowances for the dividends it offers:

  • Suitable for warm and rainy climates;
  • A high flow rate of 9.5 GPM;
  • Very high-efficiency rating of 94%;
  • No need for ventilation;
  • Suitable for average-size and large houses.

As for the cons, this unit is quite expensive ($1,260) and has a low-temperature rise.

Takagi T-KJr2 IN-NG

Our list of the top rated electric tankless water heaters includes this Japanese unit. As its flow rate is 6.6 GPM, it suits small households. The cost is $539 and it should be placed inside the house. Let’s check its main advantages:

  • A quite cheap price;
  • Easy maintenance.

Its main disadvantages are:

  • Lower flow rate – 6.6 GPM;
  • Can be used only in hot climates;
  • Mid-efficiency.

Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus 24

If you are in for an electric heater, this one is the best on our top rated tankless hot water heaters list. Its main dividends are:

  • High efficiency;
  • Digital controls;
  • Vivid design;
  • The flow rate of 4 GPM.

Its main cons are:

  • Fits only small homes;
  • It is too expensive for an electric unit.

Eemax EEM24027

Our list of the top tankless electric water heaters offers another electric unit Eemax. It is quite powerful for its diminutive size. Here are its main pros:

  • A high efficiency compared to its size;
  • Self-modulating technology;

However, it suits only small houses.

EcoSmart ECO 27

This is another great electric option. It’s compact and energy-efficient. Its main advantages are:

  • A pretty high GPM for an electric model;
  • Great efficiency rating;
  • Offers a lifetime warranty.

Its warranty requires professional installation.

Sio Green IR288

Our list of the top ten tankless water heaters offers this unit. It’s perfect for small points of use. The main cons are:

  • Quite cheap;
  • Highly efficient;
  • No corrosion risk;
  • Ideal for an RV.

The flow rate is only 1.7 GPM.

Rheem RTEX-18

This is the last on our list of the top 10 tankless gas water heaters. Its pros are:

  • It is diminutive and space-saving;
  • Regulate the necessary temperature automatically;
  • It is highly efficient and energy-saving.

Its flow rate is low for colder areas.


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