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The Multimillionaire and Risky bet of Meta for the Metaverse

The importance that the Metaverse has had worldwide and the expectations that it has generated during this first year of diffusion of possible virtual worlds that will control virtual reality and new emerging technologies. You should also register yourself on a trading platform like Bit Trader.

Mark Zuckerberg’s intention was made public in 2021 to build a Metaverse that could offer internet users and social networks a new door to the future where artificial intelligence and virtual and augmented reality devices will be the protagonists.

Many markets and trend analysts regarding technological developments assume that possibly the virtual world that the CEO of Facebook projected in his mind needs to give the expected results.

Many elements add to this possible failure that the creation of Meta has represented as a Metaverse proposal, with the finances of the large corporate social networks being affected to a greater extent.

The approach given to the Metaverse could be the main reason the short-term objectives have yet to be achieved. However, the diversity of projects that the creator of Meta has in execution has yet to allow the creation of quality content.

One year and still a millionaire risk

Meta’s main objective was to create a virtual reality world where users could immerse themselves through the use of 3D glasses made by the same company, which would undoubtedly generate a double income that would increase its finances.

The essence is that the Internet absorbs people’s daily life; in a few words, we get carried away by the web, browsing its various currents, which is a challenge, where the only way out is to disconnect from the view of the screens.

To achieve this goal, it is necessary to have a sufficiently powerful and innovative technology that reduces the barriers between the real world and virtual reality to a minimum, something that honestly still needs to be created.

Despite not having the technology, a whole platform is being built in which various companies have joined Zuckerberg’s Metaverse concept, only from different angles; even so, it is expected to be able to demonstrate this virtual event in about ten years.

The losses that Facebook, now known as Meta, has had are pretty significant, reaching 70% of its value as far as the shares on the Stock Exchange are concerned.

The Metaverse is an uphill road

In 2022 amid an economic and financial panorama where technology companies have received heavy blows to their finances, it is only possible to objectively evaluate the various development and management projects of what will be the Metaverse.

All efforts by specialists in technological applications, software, engineering, and other technology areas are focused on a metaverse that may be lacking in many elements but not so lost from what is intended to be projected.

The criticism regarding the lack of graphics, after having given a sample of what could be observed in the virtual worlds of Meta, its creator does not falter.

The launch of the Meta Quest Pro glasses may have had all the focus in terms of technical and financial efforts. Still, they undoubtedly represent the main element that will allow users of the Metaverse to visualize digital objects in 3D. It will surely multiply the profits recovering the losses it carries to date.

We could face a future milestone where the company’s falls have turned into opportunities and global growth.

A metaverse for generation Z

Market studies conducted among samples of young people between the ages of 17 and 23 show that this age range prefers social interaction through video games or social networks.

Without a doubt, this element is the main engine behind the creation of the Metaverse of Meta since it aims to recover that audience that has been lost after the political rumors in which the platform has been involved.

This target is the most desired by companies that are investing large sums of money in the Metaverse since video games have been the bridge for young people to manage their finances and invest money in applications due to the seriousness with which they take the fact of being part of these video game platforms.


The losses Facebook (Meta) has reached as a corporate is millionaires, in addition to not getting the desired numbers, although this situation encourages its creator.


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