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Explaining cricket hat-tricks

Across many sports it is possible to find the concept of a hat-trick. Normally this involves scoring three of something or hitting three of something. You can make your profitable bet with, which also allows users of the platform to place their wagers on hat-tricks.


In football, for example, hat-tricks are when a single player scores three goals in a single game. However, cricket also has a hat-trick of their own. Regardless of the sport, scoring any kind of hat-trick is usually considered a great achievement. Only with 1xBet can you make your profitable bet on the likelihood of a cricket hat-trick being scored.


In order to achieve a cricket hat-trick, a bowler needs to take wickets in three deliveries that happen consecutively. However, there are many other conditions that must be taken into consideration, which will be discussed below.

Interruptions are allowed

The three consecutive deliveries required for achieving a hat-trick can be interrupted. Punters can visit 1xBet bookmaker – online IPL betting offer great odds on the best matches.


For example, a bowler can take wickets in two deliveries that happen consecutively. Then, said bowler might be replaced by another player. If the original bowler returns to the field, and takes another wicket, that is still counted as a hat-trick. This is because the three deliveries must be consecutive ones made by a single bowler, regardless of what happens in between. To make the best online IPL betting, it is possible to visit the 1xBet bookmaker, which also allows members to wager on hat-tricks.

Beyond three wickets

Only once in the history of ODI cricket a player was capable of taking four consecutive wickets rather than three. This happened in the 2007 edition of the Cricket World Cup, and was achieved by Lasith Malinga while playing for Sri Lanka. Punters can download 1xBet for iOS now, and start wagering on the occurrences of these notable events.


However, many others have done this in the Twenty20 variation of the game. Some of them are:


  • Rashid Khan;
  • Curtis Campher;
  • and Jason holder.


In 1922, English legend Charlie Parker almost did the unthinkable. He almost took wickets in five consecutive deliveries. This is a feat that, so far, has never taken place in English County Cricket. Unfortunately for him, it was determined that one of his deliveries had been a no-ball.


Also, it was reported that in 2017, in a regional Australian cricket competition, Aled Carey took six wickets. Anything beyond six, in professional or semi-professional level, hasn’t happened so far. Punters can now download the 1xBet app for iOS, which allows them to wager on cricket hat-tricks from their iPhone and iPad devices.

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