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5 Tips to ace English section in the IBPS Clerk examination

The IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) conducts examinations to recruit banking personnel for different posts. The selection process consists of an examination and interview where many candidates try their luck. The IBPS recruits candidates for Clerk, PO, and other personnel.  As far as the Clerk level is concerned, many candidates have strong numerical and reasoning ability. However, they lack linguistics. Due to which some of them don’t understand the question or paper structure. According to the IBPS Clerk Exam Pattern English section carries 40 questions. They are easy to score if understood. But, many candidates don’t hone their linguistic skills and they don’t qualify for the exam. If you lie in the same category, this blog is for you. Read it thoroughly and ace the English section hassle-free.

How to clear the English section in the IBPS Clerk Exam?

  1. Improve the grammar

Since 3rd standard teachers have taught us English grammar. But, how many of you seriously remember all the grammar basics? As you continue to grow, you put more focus on technical subjects like Math and science. As a result, you may have technical knowledge, but not good language skills. Thus, improve your grammar by referring to Authorized publications for grammar. Practice sentence structure, idioms, phrases, and spotting errors from the texts. Also, candidates who love to read can practice reading comprehension questions as much as they can.

  1.  Vocabulary also matters

The basic fundamental to improve vocabulary is both speaking and writing. Like grammar, vocabulary also needs practice and understanding of the language. In exams, candidates may get a tough word that hardly anyone can understand. Thus, learning new words is essential. Also, focus on synonyms, antonyms because most of the questions from the English section would belong to the same. There is plenty of study material available online and offline to improve vocabulary. For tech-savvy candidates, we recommend phonetic CDs and video tutorials to improve vocabulary.

  1. Solve previous year papers or books

Sometimes the English section can be the game changer in the IBPS Clerk Results. Therefore, don’t underestimate its importance and prepare it too. Candidates who don’t have adequate resources to purchase interactive materials can refer to the previous year’s IBPS Clerk papers. Also, if they have previous classes, Grammar books that they studied during school life are good to refer to. Cover as many sources as you can. It develops knowledge and linguistic skills.

  1. Revision is must

Only studying is of no use unless you revise it. Revise what you learned the same day. Don’t procrastinate or delay revising. Suppose you have made notes, flashcards, or sticky notes to prepare English. Revise it daily because it helps to recall important information during the examination. To measure the progress, you can attempt mock tests. There are several mock test papers available online and offline that students can practice. Few mock tests have an auto-scoring system as well that helps to self-evaluate the candidates.

  1. Read the journals and newspapers

Newspapers and journals are the affordable and best resources to improve the English language. Both contain unheard terminologies and language tone. Remember that newspapers and journals must be in the English language only. Not the entire day you have to do this activity. Spare one hour daily and learn 10 words on a regular basis. The chances are higher of getting excellent scores if you prepare the English section thoroughly.

Final words

English section is common for all competitive exams. Practicing the above-mentioned measures will not only help you ace the English section for the IBPS Clerk exam but others too. Therefore, if you are preparing for any competitive exam, start with the language part first.

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