Addison Rae on Black Lives Matter and using Lesbian Song on Tiktok. 

Addison Rae is a TikTok star with 23.3 million followers on Instagram is friends with the Kardashians and is famous for making TikTok videos. TikTok is facing back flashes of the netizens due to her recent and last two years of action. That’s the reason it said that “think before you speak.” But its also right that mistakes happen from humans, and when someone does it unknowingly and still apologizes, we should forgive and forget. Even, the creator has drooled with questions asked about her sexuality! Please stick with me to know everything about it! 

Addison Rae’s Tiktok Video on Lesbian Song

So the TikToker posted a video on the song “The Crash.” it got millions of likes and comments asking Addison questions about her sexuality. The lyrics were pretty intense as it involved sentences like “The girl tastes nice, and I know the spots to turn her on.” People commented like “Is she so stupid to lip-sync on a lesbian song,” there were also comments supporting her that ‘It’s just a song guys.” 

Black lives moment:

After the insensitive events with George Floyd, who was a hunt to death by a white policeman and the video went viral as he died because the policeman kept his knee on his neck. George kept saying, “He cannot breathe,” and hence he died. Many people and activists statted the #balck lives matter movement, so people are angry, and now they won’t be talking about any injustice behavior with Black people. 

Addison Rae’s Black lives Matter Post.

Addison Rae posted her selfie and captioned it as “Black lives matter,” and she came live with Kio Cyr, which was a total disaster! As the sources claim, she asked Kio to say the “N” word. However, when he refused to do so, she claimed she was “Kidding.” However, Kio replied, saying that “he doesn’t want to be the new melanin king.” For those who don’t understand the term it means, it is a slang to tease the black people by a racist white person. 

People started commenting on her picture, saying that how can we pass this face just because she is pretty doesn’t give her a right to talk like this. Also, people started criticizing her, and one of the tweets from the past came out! The tweet was about a woman who said that all lives matter, and she called it a “CULT.” So the controversies started about questing the celebrity and her mentality about black lives. 


Now regarding the selfie, Addison clicked a selfie and captioned it as #BLM; however, she received many comments with users asking, “how is that picture even valid for that caption?”. A famous personality and singer named “ Gus Dapperton” commented on his story, saying, ‘Just because you caption selfies with an MLK quote doesn’t mean this shallow us ****.” 

The post created more controversy hence the future actions, Addison Rae apologized to everyone that “She was young and not educated enough to know this issue. She will continue learning and forever believe that Black lives matter”. Addison started fundraising of #BLM moment. She posted a picture of Lukas and Monty holding a Black lives matter poster. She also removed the caption of #BLM from her selfie. 

This particular post had a comment, “hear me out . . . . . don’t be racist”, which received 460 likes on twitter.

However, hate comments continued, and both the controversies created a lot of hatred about her. There were rumors about Addison hospitalized because she wasn’t socializing on twitter with her daily post. However, she started replying to the hate messages as the influencer did everything to make it right. But still facing the same criticism, she spoke up saying that, “stop making people hate themselves,” “don’t judge others for the things you don’t want to be judged for” and more 26 tweets. 

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