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Which Game to Play FAU-G or Call of Duty 

Fearless And United Guards, also known as FAUG, has recently launched in Indian January 26 2021. Since then it has received tremendous growth. In this article, we have provided whether the FAU-G and Call of Duty game are similar or not. Continue reading to find out the similarities and differences between both the games- Call of duty and FAU-G in their gameplay, modes, graphics and platform availability, file size.

FAU-G vs Call of Duty

Weapons and Gameplay 

Call of duty provides a variety of weapons and melee options. The weapons have different features when you upgrade them. Whereas in FAUG, players can compete against each other only with melee weapons like spiked bats, and axes as it is a hand action based game.

Platform Availability

Call of duty is available for both Android users and iOS devices. Whereas FAU-G is launched only for Android users and not available for iOS devices. The iOS version of FAU-G will be launched soon in the coming days. Both the games can be played at any type of Android phone and works smoothly even at low-end devices. 

Game Modes

The major similarity between Call of duty and FAUG  is their game mode. Both the games are played in a single-player mode based on action mode. FAU-G doesn’t have team deathmatch modes but the call of duty provides other modes also. 


Fearless And United Guards is an Indian game developed by the Bengaluru based gaming company which is nCore whereas Call of Duty is developed by Activision Publishing Ltd.

File size 

The file size of the FAUG game is 460 MB without any extra files whereas the size of call of duty file is 2GB. FAUG can be downloaded on devices with low RAM whereas Call of duty can not be downloaded on devices less than 4GB RAM.

Steps to Download the Fearless And United Guards game:

Step 1: Visit the Google Play Store or the official website of Fearless And United Guards game.

Step 2: Search for FAU-G.

Step 3: Click on the FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards from the search results.

Step 4: Click on the Install button and download the game.

Click here to download the FAU-G game.

Steps to Download the Call of Duty: Mobile game: 

Step 1: Visit the Google Play Store 

Step 2: From the search options look for the call of duty game.

Step 3: Download the game by the Activision Publishing ltd.

Step 4: Click on the Install button to download the game.

Click here to download the Call of duty game directly.


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