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Truth and Dare Game on Mobile Phone

We all loved to play truth and dare in schools and colleges with our friends. The hype for this game was very much among school children. So we have brought you the online version of this game. Earlier you needed bottles, pen and other commodities to rotate and get the turns. But now all you need is your mobile phone. You don’t even need to think about the questions for the tasks. The game has already in built many questions. You don’t have to waste your time in thinking the truths and dares.

There are many versions of the truth and dare game available on Google play store. You can download them and play from their official websites. Few most played truth and dare games and their developers are: 

How many players required ? 

The game could be played by maximum number of players. But at least two players should be there to play the game. You can play the game turn by turn by mentioning your names. You can choose truth and dare and the question will pop up. The game is more fun to play when the number of players is more. 

How to Play ? 

  1. Call over all your friends and family members to play the game. 
  2. The more the players, there will be more fun to play. 
  3. No one should be uncomfortable before you begin. Explain the game and the kinds of things you do. Players can decline to play. For those who are ok with it, gather the players into a circle. Sit on the floor in an organised manner or form a circle and begin the game. 
  4. Now there are two ways, either you can divide yourselves into teams and play the chance turn by turn or you can play it solo by mentioning your names. 
  5. When your name will come, choose the truth or dare.
  6. The question panel will pop up. If you choose truth, you need to tell the truth of the question that has been asked to you. And if, you chose dare, you need to do the given task.  
  7. Complete your tasks and have fun! 

Rules to Play

There are no rules when you play truth and dare game. Create your own rules to make the game more fun. Make the dares more interesting and truths more difficult to answer! Everyone should be at the table to play the game and reveal their secrets. Increase the number of players to make the game more exciting.

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