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New PUBG Mobile .9.0 update on PUBG Mobile is now available

New PUBG Mobile .9.0 update, PUBG Mobile has become one of the most famous games all around the world. The download size of PUBG Mobile is 608MB on the Android. On last week, developers Quantum and Lightspeed gave a teaser on its new updates which includes night mode in the map of Erangel, cosmetics based on Halloween themes and new vehicles and weapon on the Sanhok map. On the update of 0.8.5, they introduced BAPE frying pan and a BAPE shark hoodie. It also includes accessories and items of the BAPE brand.

 New PUBG Mobile .9.0 Update

  • The new update for PUBG Mobile users includes the night mode of the Erangel map. This will randomly alternate between day and night. This experience will surely satisfy all the users and will take you to next level.
  • The new update includes interaction with other people along with pumpkins and candies in Spawn Island. This is an unexpected but a different view.
  • In the main menu, there is a candy event along with the theme of Halloween. They also added QBU DMR in Sanhok.
  • They also added Share for Deals in which you can get your friends for bargaining in items.
  • However, the crew is now limited to a total of six players and crew challenge is also open.

Asia and China are dominating countries in PUBG Mobile

According to Data agency Sensor tower, PUBG is dominating in Asia and China. All these new features will seek the attention of many players and moreover, it will satisfy the gamers with its new look. Visual improvements are also there. Moreover, the game can also run on the low budget smartphones which makes the PUBG Mobile game more attractive and more popular. It is no slouch in adding new features to the game. The Royale Pass is a major update along with even seasonal events. However, the footnote does not run smoothly on iOS as it could. The fortnite’s loss is a gain for the PUBG. This is particularly in the market which is having no access to pubg mobile PC, iOS devices and consoles which is out of personal preference like Asia where Android is the majority.

So to all the gamers of PUBG Mobile, this is a new update which will make you happy and will allow you to have more fun while playing the game whether you are with your friend or playing alone.

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