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Playstation CEO explains the lack of a low-spec console

For years, the Xbox Series S console remained an open secret in the industry. However, when Microsoft unveiled the next-gen console, it stole the show. Gamers were immediately in love with the low-end but better affordable gaming console from Microsoft. Since then, many expected Sony to follow the same path and launch a low-spec version of the upcoming Playstation 5 console. Unfortunately, Sony chose not to follow Microsoft’s footsteps. Now, Jim Ryan, Playstation’s CEO, has explained the company’s decision.

Ryan recently spoke to the Japanese site AV Watch about Sony’s next-gen flagship console. There, he explained that while the company respects its competitors’ decisions, Sony wants its customers to enjoy the console for more than six-seven years. He further argues that low-end consoles at reduced prices have not done well in the past and that such consoles quickly become outdated. Ryan also suggested that the PS5 is a ‘future proof’ console. Therefore, the company decided not to launch a low-spec system.

Many within the gaming community, however, disagree with Ryan’s statements. Some quickly pointed out that something like the Xbox Series S has never been attempted before. At the same time, others referred to the fact that despite having inferior specs, the PS4 has continuously outsold the PS4 Pro. The current arguments and evidence suggest that while Ryan’s comments have logic; it does not have any historical basis. Nonetheless, Sony’s decision is undoubtedly a bold one. By ruling out a low-spec console, the company is denying themselves of a vast market.

Still, all may not be lost for Sony. The Playstation 5 Digital Edition is set to compete with Microsoft’s Xbox Series S console. Despite being pricier than its Xbox counterpart, the PS5 Digital Edition costs less than the standard edition. In regards to specs, the PS5 digital edition is more than a match for the Xbox Series S. Microsoft’s low-spec console compensates for the price by sacrificing a large chunk of the spec. While both the Xbox consoles share the same CPU model, there is a drastic difference in terms of GPU and storage.

In contrast, the PS5 digital edition is equipped with the same hardware as the standard edition. Still, price is one of the most significant factors in gaming. Hence, the Series S console might edge out the PS5 digital edition.

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