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New update Available for Call of Duty: Mobile 2021

Call of Duty mobile is one of the most played game in the world after PUBG mobile. It is a multiplayer game currently available on Android and iOS. Activision Publishing has now released its first significant update for Call of Duty mobile. It has reset the season 10 to season 1. Season 13 was the last update of Call of Duty mobile game which came in the year 2020. After the ban of Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) in India, the Call of Duty: mobile has been highly played by players in India.

It has became another sensational hit after PUBG mobile. Call of duty: mobile is very similar to PUBG mobile, but it can be played only in solo mode. The total number of players who can enter in a match are 50. Players fight against each other for their survival in a single island. They need to search for weapons, fight with each other to win the game. Call of duty is not available in multiplayer mode. You can download it from google play store

and from its official website-

Call of Duty: Mobile New Update for 2021

In the new year 2021, it has reset the whole season system to season 1 which includes a new multiplayer map, extended multiplayer game modes, new weapons with new skins and characters and an upgraded Battle Royale mode. The most exciting feature of this update is its new map, called Reclaim which is set inside a holiday shopping complex which, categorized under a small to mid size map. In this new map, players can take on enemies on the ground floor.

AS per the Activision Publishing reports, “large pieces of cover in front of the blockades on either side obstruct the view from the upper floors in addition to providing excellent coverage down the middle of the map. The accessible ground floor boutiques offer further opportunities for cover, and catching enemies by surprise.” Apart from the new map, other features of the update are 3v3 Gunfight and a 20 player attack of undead modes to the game. Under the 3v3 gunfight mode, there will be two teams of three players who will compete against each other in a gunfight format. With each kill the player will get a new weapon to attack and fight against each other. The Biltz map has also got new features where almost 40 players will fight against each other.

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