New PUBG Game To Come With Story-Based Missions

With the huge amount of popularity, PUBG is said to be working on a brand new game to come up with story-based missions. Striking Distance, a brand new studio will helm the game which is still untitled. Games like Battlefield, Call of Duty and Dead Space is also based on the concept of story-driven gameplay.

Player Unknown Battlegrounds or PUBG Mobile, especially the mobile version of the game has been hugely popular in India. If you have seen someone playing it or you have played it, you know that it’s a game where survival skills are tested to the limit and be the last man standing.

Striking Distance is headed by Glen Schofield who is known for Call of Duty and Dead Space developer. As gameplay is in the early stages, there is no information about the release date. But pre-registration for the game has already begun.

The game would be a completely new one, and it is confirmed that it won’t be a sequel for PUBG. It might not have any of the battle royale features. According to recent reports, the new unit will work on an “original narrative experience within the PUBG universe”.

This would be a piece of interesting news for PUBG fans as they would enjoy an exciting storyline spun around their popular bits from PUBG in this new game.

PUBG Lite is the lightweight version of the game and is already been launched into countries like Taiwan, Brazil, Hong Kong and Bangladesh. It is now finally heading its way to India, one of the biggest markets for the battle royale game, and in other Asian countries. Free skins and other rewards will be offered to the players for the early registration once the PUBG Lite arrives.

The new PUBG game with story-based missions could be out within the next two years. It is clearly evident that this new gameplay could challenge the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchise.

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