How PUBG Mobile and Free Fire are different from each other?

Both the games Pubg mobile and free fire are highly played by players across the world. There is not much difference in the gameplay of both of these. Pubg mobile gives you a more realistic feel as compared to free fire. But free fire could be played at low-end devices whereas Pubg mobile lags when the device is not that good. We have mentioned the most important difference points of both the games which will help you to decide which game is perfect for you.


Download size- 2 GB
Operating System – Android 4.1
RAM – 1 GB (Recommended – 2 GB)
Processor – Qualcomm Processor


Download Size – 680MB
Operating System – Android 4.0.3
RAM – 1 GB (Recommended – 2 GB)
Processor – Mediatek MT6737M quad-core

Graphics: PUBG mobile and free fire can be played at any devices with 1 and 2 GB RAM.
Pubg mobile has HD, HDR and Ultra HD graphics which makes it more real and fun. Whereas free fire doesn’t give a realistic feel and the graphics too are not that high.

The number of players- In PUBG mobile, 100 players can join the match and the whole game is about survival and at the end, only one player wins the game. In, free fire only 50 players can enter in a match. Both the games are similar where players compete against each other for loots and survival.

Characters- in the free fire, there are two free characters and many more that can be unlocked on reaching higher levels. Whereas PUBG mobile gives you only one free character and few other which can be unlocked only after the payment.

PUBG vs Free Fire Experience: both the games offer excellent gameplay. If you have a good smartphone of at least 90Hz and good touch, the games run very smoothly. For PUBG mobile you need to have a very good device with a good processor and high RAM. On the other hand, free fire can be played by anyone on a low processor and normal smartphones.

When comes to graphics, the PUBG mobile is highly recommended as it gives you exciting features and ultra HDR graphics. Free fire is suitable for those who don’t have a high-end device.

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