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Free Fire OB26 Latest Update: What to Expect?

The developers of Free Fire have brought new content to the game by rolling out the regular updates. The latest OB26 update is highly liked by players and they are eager to try the new version of the game. Free fire is developed by the Garena International Private Limited. Check out the significant changes brought to the game in the latest OB26 update 

Latest Changes in Free Fire : OB26 Update

Revamped training ground

The training ground has been enhanced significantly. The size of the island and appearance will also get a new look and turn in this latest update. Along with these, the target range will also be renewed. The latest update will provide players with more visual feedback.

New features like Gloo Wall training, a racing game and a new partner system that is Dynamic Duo will be added to the newly updated game. In the dynamic duo, the buddy meter of the partners will increase on playing together and they will be entitled to receive certain perks.

New in-game function

The new in-game function which includes radio commands will provide players to communicate better when they do not have a mic. Along with all these new features, a new item that is UAV-Lite will also be added to the game which will help to scan the area for nearby enemies. This item could be derived from the loots and vending machines. 

Revamped Clash Squad store

In the upcoming OB26 update, the game will have more weapons to the Clash Squad store. The set of weapons will be different for different maps.

Weapon balance : In the latest update, many weapons will be introduced and the old ones will receive nerfs.

UMP : Improved armour penetration and minimum damage

Groza : Enhanced minimum damage, recoil, and rate of fire

M1014 : Increased minimum damage and rate of fire

M249 : Enhanced movement speed while firing, and minimum range

Vector : A decrease in minimum damage, accuracy, and range

Parafal : Reduced recoil and maximum range

M1887  : Reduced minimum range

Woodpecker : Decreased rate of fire

New revival function

A new revival function will be available in the classic battle royale mode. Players will be able to revive their teammates. They can obtain the revival card from the vending machine to revive their teammates.

New weapon

A new shotgun, Mag-7, will be added to the game with the new update. The gun has a high fire rate, which makes it ideal for close-range situations. 

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