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FAU-G vs PUBG Mobile Which is Better

Fearless And United Guards, also known as FAUG, was launched in Indian on the 72nd Republic day on January 26. Many esport players considered that FAU-G is an alternative of PUBG mobile. They speculated that developers took the opportunity to launch FAU-G when the PUBG mobile was banned in India. As FAU-G has been launched in India, we can look into the similarities and differences between the two games- PUBG mobile and FAU-G with the comparison in these fields – Gameplay, modes, graphics and platform availability.

Comparison between FAU-G and PUBG Mobile

FAUG vs PUBG : Game Modes

The major difference between FAUG and PUBG is the game mode that both the games provide. PUBG Mobile is a multiplayer game based on a battle royale mode. On the other hand, FAU-G is a single-player game which is based on action mode. FAU-G doesn’t have multiplayer and team deathmatch modes. These modes will be added to it in the upcoming updates.

FAUG vs PUBG : Game Play

PUBG Mobile has a variety of weapons and melee options with upgradable features. The weapons had different skins and features after upgrading them. Whereas in FAUG, players can fight from a distance as it is a hand combat action game. It only has melee weapons like spiked bats, and axes. It does not have snipers, grenades and other guns like PUBG mobile.

FAUG vs PUBG : Platform Availability

Both the versions of PUBG that are PUBG and PUBG Lite were available Android and iOS devices. But right now, FAU-G has been launched only for Android users. The iOS version of FAU-G will be available in the forthcoming days. FAU-G can be played at any type of Android phone. It works smoothly even in low-end devices. Whereas as PUBG mobile worked smoothly only in high-end devices. 

How can You Download the Fearless And United Guards game?

Follow these steps to download the Fearless And United Guards game (FAU-G) :

Step 1: Visit the Google Play Store

Step 2: Search for FAU-G.

Step 3: Search results will appear and  click on the FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards

Step 4: Click on the Install button. Download the game by the nCore Games.

Click here to download the FAU-G game.

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