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FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards #1 Game in India Now

FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards is an action game that has been launched for only Android users on January 26, 2021 at the 72nd Republic day of India. The games is developed in India by the Bangalore based gaming industry, nCore. But after its release it has been criticised by many players in India. Many PUBG fans have bombed reviews on Google Play for it not being at par with the Pubg mobile that was banned by the government. The mass criticism by the PUBG fans resulted in a sudden fall of the FAU-G rating to 3.2 stars — from 4.5 stars a few days back. But even after all the criticism from players, FAU-G continues to remain at the top free game on Google Play in India.

Google Play reviews of FAU-G is showing a huge  increase in one-star reviews but on thr other hand it has gained the top position in free games in India. Some of the reviews are from the PUBG fans who gave the one-star rating to the game and declared it as the inferior game over their expectations. There are many one-star reviews where users compared FAU-G with PUBG Mobile.

“What I anticipated was that it will replace the position of PUBG, but when I played it, I came to the conclusion that it is [the] worst game I ever played in my entire life. This game is really disappointing,” one of the users giving one-star rating to FAU-G wrote on Google Play.

But the game has got many positive reviews also.

One player wrote ” if you were thinking of a battle royale experience from this game than you should not expect that. It’s completely a different one than the PUBG mobile, with a good introduction and story line” 

“Its really a cool and good game for play. It felt patriotic when you are in the game  & I liked that part. But, it still requires a lot of improvement. I think the game is still in development  & hence, there are no weapons in the game till now., except the primitive weapons & the game is like a survival game. But, overall, the graphics, themes, storyline of the game are very good that one would love to play” said by another player. 

The game can be installed directly from the google play store. The total file size of the game is 460MB. It can be easily played by on low-end devices.

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