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Brain Exercising Games That You Should Play Daily

Brain training helps you to improve your memory, response time, and logic skills. Puzzles, crosswords and many more brain storming games help in the better functioning of the brain and increase your IQ level. Your reasoning ability increases when you play brain games.

If you’d like to exercise your brain and have fun too, then you should try out these given games and activities that will improve your mental focus and fitness.


Sudoku game checks your memory to see how long you can remember the thing. It is a number placement game that relies on short-term memory. Sudoku is a puzzle, all you need to do is look ahead and follow trails of consequences. You need to plan things which  improve short-term memory and concentration. But keep in mind that Sudoku is considered to be most effective early on. Sudoku is available both online and offline. The game is really fun and requires a very good IQ to solve it. 

  • CHESS 

Chess is taken as an intellectually challenging game around the world. More experienced players have committed strategies to their long-term memory, shifting the exercise to retaining information for the long haul. If you think you can become an expert and represent yourselves at higher platforms then chess is a perfect game for you which will exercise your brain too. 


Crossword is another cognitive exercise game and a classic brain teaser game. This game was played by a huge number of players when it used to come in the newspapers. Everyone had the craze to solve the words. 


Puzzles are a fantastic tool game for enhancing short-term memory as your brain has to sort through a series of colors and shapes in order to assemble them into  a visual picture. The more pieces and difficulties, harder your brain has to work. Puzzles can be played both online and offline. They are considered very effective in increasing the concentration rate. 

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