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Amazing New Indoor Games to Play with Family & Friends

These indoor games are simple and inexpensive to put together and some of you might have already played these games before. All of the given games will allow your guests and friends to let loose and have some fun. Read on to learn about the most exciting games.

Best Games For Family and Friends Get Together


This game is all about whole year’s gossip and controversies. Every person playing the game is supposed to share their best moments and memories of the year. You can also make it more exciting by writing your questions on the paper slip and every one will take out one slip and answer the question written on it. 


Everyone will need to contribute some names to a large bowl. The names can be of celebrities, fictional characters, historical figures, and even people in the room. Divide yourself into teams and turn by turn try to guess the names on each slip of paper.


Every party is boring without this traditional truth and dare game. Get everyone together and sit in a circle. Roll down the bottles and ask the truths & give dares to the players. You can ask your friends personal questions and give quirky dares.


Simply print the words on slips of paper, and put them in a basket. Divide yourself into teams, and turn by turn draw a slip of paper and act out the word that’s written on it. Award the team a point for each correct guess.


If you are getting bored with your friends, try two resolutions and a live game to make the time interesting and fun. Each player will present 3 resolutions, in which 2 will be true and one will be a lie. Other players have to guess which of the 2 resolutions are true and which one is a lie.               

  • Shaving Cream and Cheese Puffs

For this exciting game, you need to pair up friends and family with the brave one putting a shower cap on and spraying shaving cream all over it, and the other one throwing cheese puffs at them, trying to get the cheese puffs,  stick in the shaving cream. The pair having the most puffs on the cream wins. 

These games are the best indoor games without any gadgets and equipment. All you need to have is a large group of friends to play the game for hours by asking questions to each other and giving quirky dares and tasks.

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