All You Need to Know About Pictionary Game

Pictionary Game is a multiplayer game which includes drawing and guessing. Draw and guess words with your friends and family and  become the winner by scoring the most points. 

Pictionary features include:

– Simple and addictive gameplay

– Variety of word packs

– Fierce competition

– Limited time to draw and guess

How many players are required?

In Pictionary game, there are two teams A and B.

So at least four players are needed for this game. The maximum number of players depends upon you. And, the number of players should be even, so that you can easily get divided into two teams with equal members. 

Otherwise, there is no rule of number of players in a team. It’s an offline game, so anyone can play it. But there must be four players. As one player on the team will be required to draw the word and the other has to guess. So each team should have 2 members. 

How to play? 

  • Download the game from play store or play on the official website.
  • Divide yourself into two teams. Since there are two teams, there should be 4 players at least. 
  • Now open the app, and click on the “play Pictionary” button.
  • A screen will pop up which will ask for the time you will be taking in guessing the name of the picture and number of rounds each team will have.
  • After selecting both the required conditions, you are ready to play. 
  • On each turn one player from the team will have to draw the word given to him. 
  • If the remaining players of the team guess the word correctly then you get a point and if you fail to do so, you will lose that round. 
  • Similarly, after completion of the chance of the first team, the second team will guess the word drawn by one of their members. 
  • After all the rounds, the team with the maximum number of points will win the game. 

Click here to play the game online

Rules to play the game.

The game is very simple and easy. It doesn’t have any specific rules. But still these things should be kept in mind while playing this game: 

  • There are total 4 players, each team has 2 players. One player of the team will draw and another will guess the word. 
  • Avoid cheating while playing the game, as there will be no fun if you are not loyal.
  • Each team will get a single chance to guess the given word.
  • There will be a timer for each round. The player will have to guess the game before the time of round is over. 


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