All You Need to Know About – How Well do You Know Someone?

Have you ever thought about how well you know your friends and close ones? If you are, play this fun how well do you know someone party game with friends and family. What are you waiting for? How much do you know about me? If you want to know how well your friends or your partner know you, just take a quick fun test about your personality, and you will discover how well your friends or your partner know you.

The test will be divided  into two parts, the first part is for you and you will be required to answer 20 questions about yourself and the second round includes your friend or your partner and the player will try to guess your answers.



This mode allows you to create your own quiz or play your friend’s quiz. All you need is to click on the create your own quiz option and add your questions. You will be given your personal ID. which you can share with your friends and your friend can enter your ID to play your quiz. You can see who answered the quiz and what are their score.


This mode is perfect if you are with your groups and want to try out some good games. This game will help you to find out who knows you the best. Just enter your name and your friend’s name. Tap on play the game button and get the results.

The game includes answering personal questions that will vary depending on who you’re playing with. Then you will be required to ask the other person with whom you are playing to answer the same questions. You need to get their answers to match yours. At the end of the game you will get a total score set by the number of coincidences in your responses. Also, the application will give another score about the relationship between the two of you.

During these quarantine days, everyone is stuck at home getting bored and looking for activities to do with friends and family. With these minimal games, you will answer the question “Do I really know you?”. Nowadays, many games are played with friends without knowing anything about them. This game gives you a chance to know your friends perfectly and increase the bonding with them. 

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