All You Need to Know About Codenames Game – How to Play?

Codenames is a game of guessing which code words in a set are related to the hint given by the another player. The game is perfect for spending your precious time with family and friends in a fun way! 

Getting bored during trips or distanced with friends and family ? Start playing this amazing multiplayer game online or offline in any way. Also, it will help you to improve your vocabulary too. So Grammar Nazis, this game is perfect for you. Give it a try. 

What is Codenames game? 

In Codenames, two teams play against each other  to decode team’s codewords from the board on the screen on the basis of the instructions received from their spymaster. 

There is a spy master who gives one-word clues to the players that point to multiple codewords on the board. The respective teammates try to decode those words while avoiding the other team’s code word. The game is played by 4 or more people.

How many players are required? 

You can play this game both online and offline. 

For offline mode, there will be two teams RED and BLUE.

So at least 4 players are required and maximum depends on you how many members you want in a team. Each team gets the chance one by one. 

For online mode, first of all, you will first be needing a host to create the room. Again, in it too, four players are required. The host can share the room code with any other player and anyone can play it through that code. 

How to play? 

  1. Players need to divide them into two teams- Red and Blue with one spymaster for each team. 
  2. Each spymaster has 8-9 code name cards that they need their teammates to guess. The spymaster will see the word for which they need to give the clue by clicking on spymaster before starting the game. 
  3. Your team’s spymaster gives you a single word clue and a number. Like bird(3), this word is associated with some code name on the screen of your team screen and the number is how many codenames are linked to that word. 
  4. If your team chooses a yellow card or other team’s codename then your turn is over. Once your turn is over, it’s other team’s spymaster turn to give a clue.
  5. The game ends in one of two ways: either a team uncovers all of their codenames to win the game or accidentally uncovers the black card to lose the fame immediately. 
  6. Note: your spymaster can’t say the words that are on the table or words similar to the clue. 
Rules to play the game

So basically, the game doesn’t not have any hard core rules. All you need is to be loyal from your side. We don’t need rules with friends and family. Right ?

But you must have: 

  • At least 4 players. There will be more fun to play this game if the number of players is more.
  • Each team must have one spymaster. The main game is of the spymaster only. 
  • Both the spymasters should not be biased and ambiguous.
  • Be very careful while uncovering the cards, once you uncover the black card, boom! Your game is over. You will lose it. 

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