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PUBG – “A demon in every house”




PUBG, “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds” one of the most popular game in recent times. This game has received such a monstrous success in recent past that each and every member want to have a taste of it.

This gaming has recently changed the whole scenario of Android games. PUBG is one of the most popular gaming in recent days. It is so famous nowadays that Goa minister said that “A demon in every house”. He referred to it because each and every cell phone of the house has this game installed in it. This game has connected many people from different parts of the world.

PUBG is a 2017 online multiplayer battle game developed and published by PUBG corporation. In this game, nearly about one hundred players land with a parachute on an island and rummage for weapons and equipment to kill their opponents while avoiding getting killed by themselves.

It’s director, producer, the composer might be very happy to see the progress of this game, but on a short note, it is destroying the minds of the gamers.

It is a player versus shooter game in which up to one hundred fight with themselves, and the person who stays alive till the end, he wins the game. Heat last celebrates his victory with chicken dinner. This game can be played by the single, duo, or by a team of four members.

Each match starts with the players parachuting from a plane onto one of the four maps, with areas of approximately 8*8 kilometres. Players start with no gear beyond customised clothing selection which does not affect gameplay. Like this games proceeds and at last the player who stays for a long time gets the chicken dinner.

Many users complained that it’s a too heavy game, it is not supporting on our system. Then the team of this introduced a lighter version of this game, PUBG lite is an official version of the game with fewer assets and other degraded or rather optimised dynamic details, including shadows, lighting effects and other graphical details. By doing this the developers were finally able to come up with a PUBG which can be played in a low-end pc.

This game has been the sensation of many youngsters as they find it an amazing experience while playing this supergeneric game.


Top 10 Best Online Games Of 2020 – Play Multiplayer Online Games



Best Online Games

Online gaming has been the major timepass in 2020. It’s corona time and most of the youths and people are nowadays engaged in online gaming. In recent times, some of the best online games have come into action with their unique design, outlooks, templates and many more. Games are updated with the new tactics to beat the opponents. With the passage of time, new games are introduced with the best in-built features.

Let’s know about the best online games in 2020:

#1 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds(PUBG):

Developed by PUBG Corporation in the year 2018. PUBG has gained immense success in the last two years. It has more than 50 million online players. Portable on XBOX, iOS, PC, ANDROID. This game has taken online games on the next level. It is based on armour, H1Z1. PUBG has brilliant graphics and real situations where a map and a mission is assigned with more enemies hiding and have to kill your opponents and win the game. This game can connect with around 99 players at a time. 

#2 XCOM:  Chimera Squad

This online game gives you time enjoyment while playing. It has some amazing graphics and designs inbuild in it that provides the real essence of the online games. It is the turn-based strategy blueprint provided by its officials, but this amazing game has many features that introduce Breach system, and interleaved turn mechanics and generally more amazing with its future earth settings. It is easily available for the longtime fan of this series. Its originators are working hard to provide with a better experience by providing new modes and gameplay experience for the Base games. 

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#3 Fortnite Battle Royale 

Developed by epic games in the year 2017. Portable on XBOX, iOS, Android, PC. This game is in second place in the gaming section 2020. It’s leading in the list, but this game has graphics related to boys while PUBG has taken for both genders. This game has more features, equipment and game-stages with much greater no.of players. It includes around 39 million players on its desk. 

#4 League of Legends(LOL) 

Developed by Riots games in the year 2009. Portable on XBOX,iOS, PC, ANDROID. Around 27 million players across the globe make its third-highest surfing game in 2020. The players have control to pick their champions that can compete with other champions later on in this game. It has amazing graphics and the starting of the game carries away every player. It’s a multiplayer action game with RPG. 

#5 Warframe

Combining with futuristic science fiction gaming opportunity and amazing playing experience has made it one of the topss played games in 2020. Wargrave is one of the most impressive action games available right now. Can play on PC and on your smartphones. Around 26 million players are enrolled in this platform and are experiencing the power of this game. It still serves as an excellent example of the technical capabilities of both XBOX and Playstation4. It includes customization options to change and refill your armours to fight in the war. Seven different parkour moves allow you to navigate hard to reach in areas and get the drop on enemies. 

#6-Final Fantasy 7 Remake

This game has taken up gamers in the mode of 1997 classic with ridiculous details and designs of the game. It is set in Midgar and will have to set up characters which add richness and depth to the game. Gives everlasting experience with different challenges all around the game. Available on PS4 with revoked combat designs, graphics and reuniting with cloud and the gang is breathtaking. 

#7 Half Life Alyx

Available on the platforms: Valve Index VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest (PC Link), and Window Mixed Reality. It is the best virtual reality experience game and can be installed in your PC and can keep you busy the whole day long. Half-Life Alyx competes you with real-life experience and the lasting you to be in dreams. This is the fame that stays for a long time. It is set between the events of half Life and half life-2. It was released on 23 March 2020 by Valve. Mike Morasky composed it. 

#8 Animal Crossing-New Horizons

It was developed by Nintendo, released on 20 March 2020. It is the fifth in the animal crossing series. Available on Nintendo Switch. It is designed as a character who moves to the deserted island after purchasing packages from Tom Nook, a tanuki Character. Players can explore the island in a nonlinear fashion, gathering various stuff and completing their tasks. This game was a great success for its developers by selling 5 million digital copies in its first month and breaking the console game record for digital units sold in a month. 

#9 Zombie Army 4-Dead War

It is the third person video game developed by Rebellion developments. The sequel of 2015 compilation game Zombie Army Trilogy, itself a snipped elite series. It was released on 4 February 2020, available on the platforms PS4, XBOX ONE, Microsoft Windows. The game is set in 1964 after Adolf Hitler was defeated by the resistance and banished to hell.

#10 Journey to the Savage Planet

Journey to the Savage Planet is the 2020 adventures game developed by Typhoon Studios and was published by 505 games. Available on the platforms like PS4, XBOX ONE, Microsoft Windows. It was released on 28 January 2020. Played by the first person, in the game players are asked to ARY-26, a colourful. Planet explored by various aliens transforms. The main task is to catalogue flora and fauna and collect resources needed to complete the tasks. The game can also be played with another player as well. 


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Top 5 Best Android Games 2020



Best Android Games 2020

Best Android Games 2020: What’s better than to spend your free time playing some adventurous games on Phones and enjoying every bit of it. It has some mind-blowing functions that will boost your energy and the graphics of the games, makes it even more interesting. With a bundle of games available at Google play store, it would be tough for gamers to choose among many games.

Best Android games 2020:

1-Rest in Pieces

This is the clever spin game on endless running and you have to save from the obstacles that are in your way. It is somewhat like the temple run where you have to dodge yourself right or left to save from dying, but in this instead of running, you are supposed to hang on the rope and have to swing right or left to be in the game. Steps to play this game is easy, but have to practice a bit to make it count. The thing which makes it different from other games is his theme. The motive of this game is that you have to save a series of beautiful characters from a nightmare, counting with poor Georgina and the evil clown. Various ascents can be downloaded which makes the game quite interesting, in this, you will square off against characters like Kraken, Medusa, and even count Dracula before the game gets over. 

2-AI Dungeon

This game is the Android version game that uses the mechanics of ancient adventures but fuses them to AI that creates a story and fly off. AI runs between forgetful, bonkers, brilliant, and imaginative stories. Its graphics can be changed in a move and the game grasp the kinds of people at one go. It provides endless opportunities to revel in the dreamlike narrative world. It just requires some introductory lines to get started with. Fully automated game with adverse a different level and an interesting game to play with friends. 

3- Beach Buggy Racing 2

Racing games have been among the top picks of the gamers. Beach Buggy Racing 2 is one of them. It is a high octane Kart racer game. Vehicle bent around sideways and moves quickly to reach the destination, taking it from medical times to breathing dragons, to early times of dinosaurs and gigantic sea creatures. 

Main step. To cross is to get checkered flag first, across just two laps, to do this you must have to find shortcuts and make use of power-up runs that turn up your game to excel. You have to turn towards opponents into a block of ice, blast them. Into heavens and far from beside. There is no league stage in this game and beach Buggy Racing 2 offers you two race choices at any given time. It’s a bit hard to play but this game has a compulsion loop which is extremely strong to handle and will give you some for the best racing games experience. 

4-Disc Drivin 2

Disc Drivin 2 is a driving based game with awesome graphics and functions. It works as when you flick your little disc about tracks suspended from the bottom, the tension ramps up your car from the track and runs in its own direction. To play it smoothly one has to. Learn its shortcuts and functions to get going with this game. Use the best use of bonus powers and revamp its Speed. One of the best Android games of driving and is worth playing this game. Get this game from the play store and start your game with a go. 


This game is a blast from the past. It’s masquerading as a racer and graphics are worth playing. The main attraction of this game is its roads and vehicles that are controlled by the controller in the network of roads. It is designed in such a way that people and animals move in between the path and they are destroyed in Pieces. Victory comes by completing laps, destroying all opponents and moving quickly. 

In the early 1990s, this game was banned once due to its unethical graphics, but it restored it by changing some of the features of the game and came back stronger. Interesting game to play with friends. 


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5 Best Free Browser Games to Play Online Now (2019)



Best Free Browser Games
Browser games

Best Free Browser Games: Gaming is the best work a person can do in its free time. Most probably people search for the games which they are interested in. Spending a hectic day in office and after returning back, playing your favourite browser game may release your pressure and you may feel relaxed and comfortable. So here we bring to you the best free browser games which you can enjoy:

1. being a fun playing this game, browser-based 2D MMO game where we move around a map to find loot and scavenge for: weapons, scopes, ammo, and medical items. Target is to eliminate your companion and win loot.

It’s super fun and thrilling game and can make you addictive. Try this game to feel the kick-ass experience it has to offer.

If you have played other battle royale h games like PUBG, fortnite, or H1Z1, then you are halfway down to this game.

 2. BULLETS- Play a button mashing casual retro shooter. The thing which makes 10 bullets unique is the paucity of ammunition. You have just 10 projectile to take down the spacecraft. The trick behind this game is to time shot so debris from ships you destroy. Within the time limit, you can also clear all the nasty pieces of objects which will help you increase your capability.

Hurry up to this amazing offer.

3. Abobo Big Adventure-

This full-time package entertaining game induces a big adventure star a forgotten face of the 8-bit era. This muscle bound hulk from double dragon sets out to rescue his son, mostly by punching and hitting other characters in the game.

The visuals which are embedded in this game are of old school and there are loads of cameos from classic titles. The players played well, hurling you back to a halcyon era of beat with a smattering of platform action and enjoyment.

4. Alter Ego- Alter ego isn’t pretty in terms of visualisation or in content. The browser remarked the ancient PC game delay with the progress of every day, updating its content and strategic planning. But there a depth with a clever mind surfing on this game, which offers to branch progress that could lead you to a happy old age.

5. Boulder Jack Qj-  This unofficial tribute to the 1980s 8 bit classic finds rock yard digging g through Dirt, grabbing diamonds, and trying to avoid getting crushed by a titular boulder or blown up by explosive wildlife.

It looks difficult but has many ups and downs for enjoying. It looks crude, but the mix of puzzling and arcade action remains highly compelling. It not just quite one to one conversion- some cave speeds off to but it scratches its enemy and finally escapes off to winning moment.

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Best Android games 2018 to download right now -Every game lover must play!



best Android games 2018

Gaming on mobile has been enhancing at a far more prominent rate than any technology. Android games are hitting new pinnacles consistently. With the arrival of Android Nougat and Vulkan API, it just stands to show signs of improvement and better after some time. Here are the best Android games 2018 obtainable right now! So don’t delay to check these unique master games.

Here are the best Android games 2018:

  1. Evoland 1 and 2

Evoland 1 and 2 are two of the most interesting Android games. They both utilize an assortment of game mechanics. During the game, you will play through fighter levels, shooter levels, 2D RPG levels, and even trading card game levels. It’s enormously an extraordinary experience!. Evoland 2 merges a number of gameplay techniques into one adventure game that presents hours of relaxation. The complete game has one storyline that catches you all the way to the last part.

2. Crashland

Crashland was introduced in 2016 and it’s as of now among the best Android games 2018. It includes an intergalactic trucker that winds up crash arrived on an outsider planet. Your activity is to discover what’s happening, construct yourself a base, gather different things and save the world from a detestable plot. It has an RPG component for character development, huge amounts of items that you can gather and make, and an auto-overseeing stock. It’s somewhat old, yet it’s still among the best.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go blown up onto the mobile gaming prospect in July 2016 and instantly turned out to be of the best Android games 2018 ever. It’s an increased realism game similar to access where you walk around the authentic world, grab Pokemon, conflict for Gyms, and strike up Pokestops to refill on items. It hit almost every record in the books as the world’s mainly well-liked mobile game. Thanks fully, the game finds everyday updates. It’s not the similar game that released in 2016. It’ll persist to iterate and get better as long as Niantic needs it to.

3. Minecraft

Minecraft is a well-known game all around the globe of all generation. For the individuals who have never played, Minecraft places you in a Goliath world where you mine stuff, manufacture stuff, beat up terrible boys, and do basically whatever you need. There is a survival mode where you should mine your own particular food and resources. Along with this a creative mode that gives you everything unlimited. everyday updates have added a lot of fresh content and promises. The game is attractive much on par with its computer and comfort equivalents. In fact, you can have fun on multiplayer servers with a group on those platforms.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile strikes the ground running upon its releases. It previously has over ten million downloads and nearly a million user reviews. Luckily, it’s, in fact, a very capable mobile FPS. It includes simple, effectual controls, polite graphics, and an easy premise. On the whole, 100 people go down from an airplane onto an island and duke it out until only one is missing The Island is tormented with vehicles and weapons. PUBG Mobile is amazingly unwavering for its age.

4. Madfinger

MADFINGER Games has a long success story in mobile gaming. They additionally have the absolute most effective FPS titles accessible like the Shadowgun series UNKILLED, and the Dead Trigger series. The Shadowrun series is science fiction shooters with the two crusades and multiplayer modes. UNKILLED and the Dead Trigger games are mission-style zombie shooters with a huge amount of missions and stuff to do. You truly can’t turn out badly with any of them.

5. Noodlecake Studios

Noodlecake Studios is one of the best android games in 2018. Their titles are enormous and speckled. a number of outstanding titles from this studio comprise Framed 1 and 2 for puzzle games, Wayward Souls for action-adventure fans,  realMyst, Mikey Shorts for platform fans, Alto’s Adventure for infinite runners, and its development for extra hardcore puzzle fans, Island Delta for shooter fans and so forth. They have a number of clunkers, but the majority of their titles are extremely good.

6. Monument Valley 1 and 2

Monument Valley comes back to the rundown with the arrival of Monument Valley 2. Both amazing games are still exceptionally astounding. Actually, they both have almost identical gameplay mechanics and graphics. The competitor adventures through Escher-style puzzles where the level is changeable to accomplish the path using fantasy. The principle is still delightful and the Monument Valley franchise goes on to stand as a couple of the most excellent and best android games 2018 ever.

So, this was our enormous overview of the Android game apps that are on the market right now and are available at the app stores. They are undeniably worth your attention

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