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Everything about Greatest 5 Martial Art Stars of All Time

Who doesn’t like stylish martial arts? But when martial arts are included in cinematics, it is more than perfect. Do you have any favorite martial art icon? If not, maybe you will find your love here. Or else, check out the article to know if your favorite star is on my list of five. ( I am sure they are all included.) Here we will be appreciating those who used their martial art skills in their acting. Therefore, stealing our breath away with their every move on the screen. Besides, you guys can’t lie that they are cool.

1.Bruce Lee:

You are lying if you say that you don’t know him. Lee Jun-Fan, aka Bruce Lee, is the most iconic and evergreen martial artist. We will always cringe at the thought of him leaving us this soon. But even in his cut-short life, he made the contributions that others take decades for. Bruce Lee was honored with a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Besides films and martial arts, he was a gifted poet. Bruce Lee’s works are often considered as paradox rather than a poem. Way of The Dragon and Fist of Fury are two of his many unmatched martial art movies.

2.Jackie Chan:

Jackie Chan’s fighting style redefines action in the film industry. Instead of anger display in his action scenes, he always portrayed them as an act of fun. Chan Kong-Sang, aka Jackie Chan, appeared in more than a hundred movies. Hollywood’s Hall of Fame wouldn’t miss his star, would it? Yeah, Jackie has a star on it too. He is now a philanthropist and one of the most recognized stars in the world. The Forbidden Kingdom and Drunken Master are a few to name out of his most renowned works.

3.Jet Li:

Among all the martial artists from his generation, Jet Li is renowned for his work in the Fist of Legend remake. Li Lianjie, aka Jet Li, got inspired by Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. He played both protagonists as well as antagonists in his filming career. He was recognized with a star in Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong. Jet Li worked along with Jackie Chan in The Forbidden Kingdom. I think this gives you more of a reason to watch or re-watch the movie.

4.Donnie Yen:

Apart from acting and martial arts, he gained fame for his film-making and choreographing action scenes. Yen Ji-Dan, aka Donnie Yen, got tremendous fame since his Hollywood work in Rogue One: A Stars Wars Story. He debuted in Chinese films with Druken Tai Chi. xXx: Return of Xander Cage, Iron Monkey, and Once Upon A Time in China are some of the movies he acted in.

5.Chuck Norris:

He is an exceptional martial artist, as well as, screenwriter, actor, and film producer. Carlos Ray Norris, aka Chuck Norris, also got a Hollywood’s Walk of Fame diamond. He also worked with his friend Bruce Lee on his invitation to be the antagonist in the film, Way of the Dragons. He also worked in television series like Walker and Texas Ranger. 

I hope you found your favorite one here as all these practitioners have an irreplaceable stand in the industry. While you rewatch some of your favorite action, read about India’s second most-subscribed YouTuber, Ashish Chanchalani. Stay tuned to us for more similar content.

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