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Wonder Woman 1984: Plot, Cast, Release Date, and more!

Wonder Woman 1984: The series is about Diana, the official wonder woman who appeared in many DC movies like Batman, Lego, and Justice League. The story talks about her back story about how she started her life in America as a superhero. This movie will be “Wonder Women 2,” as it will be the sequel of the first part released in 2017. The story will be about defeating the main protagonist, named “Cheetah.”. The character has also leaned in the comic books of Wonder Women. Let’s see where it goes in the movie! 

Wonder Woman 1984 Release Date:

The movie series will release on 2nd October 2020. However, they changed the initial date, which was 12th August 2020.  on 9th December 2019, they launched the official trailer, and the comment section is already full of excitement! 


Gal Gadot will play the character of Diana Prince, aka Wonder Women. Kristen Wiig as the official Cheetah/ Barbara Ann Minerva. Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord, Robin Wright, aka Antiope, Connie Nielsen, aka Hippolyta, and our favorite character who won millions of hearts is returning as Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). 


The story is about Cheetah, the main protagonist of the show. The character has appeared in comics, and it has a visual body like Cheetah. The role is fast and might be powerful than Wonder Women!  SPOILER ALERT! 

The movie will start with Cheetah introducing herself as Barabara, interested in the Archeology, which gets her to cross paths with Diana Prince. Cheetah meets and asks her questions about her love life indirectly to get to know more about her. However, Diana unknowingly will confess about her love life, which happened in the previous sequel, “The death of her beau Steve Trevor.” 

We don’t know if Steve is still alive as we never saw his body while he died in the last series. However, Steve returns! But maybe he is not the real Steve as Barabara, aka Cheetah is capable of shapeshifting she might be plotting points! What is the ultimate goal of fooling Wonder Woman? She is in search of a red mystical gem, which can grant your every wish! So Cheetah has crossed paths with her to reach her goal! 

We saw in the trailer that Wonder Woman wishes to view Steve, and hence he appears in front of her with a watch, which indicates that it’s him! It is an expected theory, and the story will continue to save the world. As the movie still has some unexplained scenes which we cannot crack. Wonder Woman will save the world again, but Cheetah will be a distraction! Let me give you a heads up that Cheetah is not going to be easy to defeat as she has faster speed than wonder women. Will Diana, the aka Wonder Woman, be able to defeat Cheetah? Let’s find out this October 2020! 


The storyline of the previous movie starts with Wonder Woman getting a package from her Beau, Steve. The film continues with her backstory, wherein Wonder Women first lived on an island away from humans. The story starts with Ares, the Protoganist in the last series. He tried to make fights between humans, so they all kill each other. However, Zeus made these humans kill Ares with a sword, but he still lives, but nobody knows where he resides. Then the first day comes where we see Wonder Woman most reliable and is the best fighter. She has an iron-like wrist band, sparkling rope, and an iron shield to protect. 

Then Steve lands on the Island with his Allies, and however, the whole community of Wonder Women wins. He confesses that he is there to get someone to rescue people from the gas leak, which will destroy humans. Wonder Woman goes on the journey with Steve to help humans, and she steals the Iron Sword used to kill Ares. She finds out someone stole the gas. It is none other than Ares. They try to explain to the governors that humans are in danger, but nobody believes them. 

They walk into the cafe and meet a gentleman who believes them and promises to help them out. In the end, we find out that the same gentleman offering help was the actual Ares and the sword breaks while killing him. Ares captures Wonderwomen, and Steve sacrifices himself and launches with the plane to save humanity. The incident pisses off Wonder Women, and she receives the current in her iron wrist bands! BOOM! She defeats Ares and wins the fight! In the end, we see her accepting the offer to join the Justice League. 


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