Who is Liver King’s wife Liver Queen? Personal Life, Career, and Controversy

Liver King.: In this era of digital content, we come across a lot of content creators, influencers, and vloggers. These creators and influencers strive hard to come up with engaging content for their audience. And, the internet is full of platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram full of digital content and have the most traffic. Isn’t it next to impossible to think of a world where we don’t have these sites?

You might have heard about a fitness vlogger named Liver King. If you haven’t not, then this is the time when you should get to know this man as he propagates a healthy lifestyle differently. He had been in lukewarm situations for the content and behind-the-scenes of his videos. And, here’s all you need to know about his life, career, and, of course, the controversy.

Liver King: Personal Life

Liver King was named Brian Johnson at the time of his birth. As for his birth details, we only that he was born sometime in 1978 while the date and place of birth are unknown. He is an American guy married to Barbara Johnson. Due to Brian’s stage name, Barbara is often called the Liver Queen.


Barbara is a full-time dentist and has her practice before becoming an influencer on TikTok and YouTube, Brian used to help her in her practice. Brian and Barbara have two kids so far. Their boys are known as the Savage Liver Boys. The elder one, Stryker was born to the couple in 2007 while Rad, their younger boy came into the picture two years later, in 2009.


It was their sons’ health that pushed the couple to pursue a different lifestyle. Currently, Liver King follows an unconventional lifestyle widely known as the ancestral way. Brian follows the mentioned nine tenets that lead to his current lifestyle: sleep, eat, move, shield, connect, cold, sun, fight, and bond. Now let’s jump to his career as an influencer.

Liver King: Career

As mentioned above, before becoming a health influencer on TikTok and YouTube, Liver used to help his wife at her practice. However, when he started living the ancestral lifestyle, he thought of propagating or we can say preaching it.


His content features his diet of eating organs and muscles of animals, that are too raw. This might sound disgusting and nauseating to many of us but according to him this is a way to be healthy and have a muscular body like him. And, from what we see in his content, he is mostly shirtless in the videos and he does have a figure to envy.

His health and dietary tips in the content might make your gut feel sick, but everything weird is now in trend, isn’t it? His fans love to watch him devour a bull’s raw liver after his workout session as if he just did some magic trick. Not just the raw meat, but also tells his followers about different recipes they can turn that raw meat into. And one of the most shocking ones (at least to me) was shakes that he made with raw liver by adding tomato juice and whatnot.


Aside from showing off his diet, he also promotes several health and nutritional items and services on his social media accounts. He also sells his workout tips, diet plans, and other nutritional supplements based on his diet. To sum it up, Liver King is quite famous in this circle and several brands keep approaching him for collaborations.

Liver King: Contoversy

Liver King kept promoting his lifestyle as immune-free, eczema-free, plastic-free, allergy-free and always denied using asteroids. His food palate was often questioned by professional dieticians and doctors as they often considered it equally hazardous. Adding to it, his chiseled physique always remained a mystery with such feeding habits.


It was in 2002 when some of his emails were leaked online. In them, Brian was trying to get hold of some kind of performance-enhancing drugs. And. after the leaks, the widely known Liver King went underground for a while.


However, he returned with an apology post for his fans where he accepted that he was indeed taking some PEDs and spent almost $10,000 on them per month. He also stated that this had nothing to do with his family as they were kept in the dark by him.


This reveal turned into a big thing as Liver King was known for promoting things that were opposite to what he was doing. Not only did his fans question him, but also he was sort of stripped of several collaboration deals at that time. Some expect that he might had some powerful backers to live in those lies, but the truth is inevitable and it’s surfacing did cause a great deal of damage to Liver King’s image.


Before this controversy, Liver King’s content made people believe that eating raw meat, exercising, and having a good sleep cycle would lead them to a happy, healthy, and happening life.


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