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Wendy Williams addresses Kevin Hunter a ‘Serial’ Cheater after separating from their long-term marital life

The famous entrepreneur and writer Wendy Williams divorced with her second husband Kevin Hunter in 2019. In a show, the talk show host explained that her former husband was a ‘serial’ cheat during her marital life with him. There was no grief in her voice when she talked about their marital life. She said that they were in a relationship for three years and were married for almost twenty-two years. She further commented that he was a good man, but fate made him that way. But after knowing that her husband was in a long-term extramarital affair with another woman and has bought flat to live with her, William finally decided to split ways from Kevin.


Wendy Williams herself calls her husband a ‘Serial’ cheater: Reason for their split

In a recent interview, when William was asked to say something about their marriage separation, William commented that she never was in grief for splitting up with her husband. She never regretted when she met her husband. And there was nothing related with having that baby and with that girl with whom her former husband was in a relationship for almost fifteen years. Williams said that she heard his husband whispering with someone in the night and he was also confidentially planning to buy another flat where he would be living with his girlfriend.

Williams, who is 56 years old, got split from her long-term husband. His husband fathered a baby with his mistress. William confirmed the news on the interview. Although Kevin Hunter has not uttered a single word about it, after breaking up, he has finally spoken in a show, where he finally admitted that he was proud about what he had done. He further spoke that he was under self-development and was demanding to convert the wrong deeds into rights. He later confronted that he would always be aside for Williams whenever she would need him.

Wendy Williams: Personal Life

Wendy is an American entrepreneur, an attractive personality and a writer. On 18th July 1964, She was born and she was the second child of among her three siblings. She was also a famous radio DJ and was popularly called Shock Jockette. In the year 2009, she left radio show to give her time on small screen programme. She loved to pass time with her family and relatives. She runs a show signed as her own name. She got immense popularity from that show.

Kevin Hunter was the second husband of her. With whom she engaged on November 30, 1997. Their child Kevin Hunter Jr. was born in the year 2000. After knowing about the extramarital affair of her husband, she tried not to bother it more. But in the end, being no more tolerable, in 2019 she gave him a divorce. After breaking up with Kevin Hunter, she announced that she was under diagnosis with lymphedema disease. William’s first husband was Bert Girigorie and they were married for only five months. After completion of five months, they split their ways and officially got divorced after one and eighteen months later.

Clip: Separation of Wendy and Hunter