“Virgin River Season 2”: Will “Mel” confess her feelings to “Jack”?

The Virgin River series is based on a woman who leaves town due to the tragic incident of the death of someone she loved back in LA. She moves to Virgin River to find peace and live her life away from the city. The story is somewhat like “The Ranch” Wherein Colt moves back home after being trashed from the city.  But this series also involves medical knowledge as Mel is a practicing nurse. 


The Release date of Virgin River Season 2

The trailer is not launched yet but the end says that there will be a season 2 of the series as the end wasn’t as justifying as it should be. Also, 2 days back a post was published by Instagram on the official page of the virgin river with the caption “Who is giving who advice at the moment?”

Due to the Pandemic situation, the series is on halt and will release its new season in 2021. 

The Cast of Virgin River Season 2

The cast is speculated on the basis of episodes.

  • “Martin Henderson” aka Jack Sheridan
  • “Alexandra Breckenridge” aka Melinda Monroe
  • “Lauren Hammersley” aka Charmaine Roberts
  • “Colin Lawrence” aka John Middleton
  • “Jenny Cooper” aka Joey Barnes
  • “Annette O’Toole” aka Hope McCrea

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The Plot of Virgin River Season 2

The story starts with Mel aka Melinda breaking her boundaries with shifting to the virgin river a small town where she meets Jack and falls in love. Mel leases LA because of the death of her husband and a child which is killed because of the news of her husband. To grieve her past relationship she moves in the Virgin river Jack has PTSD and she treats him.  

In the end, we see that Jack introduces his girlfriend “Charmaine” who is also pregnant with Jack’s baby. But Jack and Charmaine are not married yet, will Mel confess her feelings to Jack if she realizes that Charmaine is having a baby? The next season will have a lot of chaos!

Charmaine might get to know about Mel and she will be upset about it. Also, Jack might confront his feelings which are mutual as Mel to Charmaine. Will Jack change his decision because Charmaine is pregnant with his baby? Will Mel forget the horrors of the past and move on with life? Keep reading to find out! 

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