Unknown Origins Netflix:  Release Date, Cast and Plot.

If you like mystery series or films like “How to get away with Murder” then this film is definitely for you! It is the adaption of a Spanish series with the same name. The main focus will be around this unknown protagonist who is on the run to kill everyone without any considerable reason. Why is the protagonist doing this? Read to find out! 

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Release Date: Unknown Origins Netflix

The film is releasing on 28th August 2020. The trailer is dropped on Netflix’s official website. 

Unknown Origins

Cast: Unknown Origins Netflix

Javier Rey is playing the lead role as a detective. He works along with his Boss, played by Verónica Echegui. Also Brays Efe, an outsider who will help with the case. He knows all the information needed about superhero comics. Why do you need a person aware of Superheros? Find out in the Plot.  

Other casts include Antonio Resines, Álex García, Carlos Areces, Ernesto Alterio, and Leonardo Sbaraglia.

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Plot: Unknown Origins Netflix

The film is about a detective played by Javier Rey, who is investigating a murder mystery. Not just any other mystery but a twisted one, with the villain being psychotic. The villain is like a wannabe for being one of the best supervillains. So he kills people according to the comics of Hulk, Iron Man, Incredibles and so on. 

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In the trailer, we saw that the murdered man’s death resembles Hulk’s death in comic books. The co-police officer confirms by saying he just killed him like the hulk in the comic books. However, more death takes place. When the detective heads the office, he meets Verónica Echegui. She dresses as a comic character, to which the detective replies “Who is this Psychopath?” unfortunately she was his boss. The detective will fall in love with his boss as the film moves forward. 

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The boss recommends hiring someone who knows about Superheros. So they meet  Brays Efe’s character who probably works in Superhero toys and comics store. The best man who might know what happens in the comics. With the protagonist’s clue, the detective and his team find out the place where he is hiding. The villain says “There is no such thing as Hero.” we also see that the detective will be our hero, solving clues and saving everyone. The main protagonist is going to destroy the world, will the detective be the Hero? Let’s find out! Till then, stay tuned for more updates. 

Trailer: Unknown Origins Netflix

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