Typewriter Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Storyline.

Evil Jenny returns, threatening Peter with the cold-blooded shirt he wore in the hotel room with Anita.

Typewriter Season 2: Do you love reading books? To be specific, do you like to read ghost stories? Ever wondered if the ghosts were real? What if one of the stories were incomplete? Would you go on a journey to uncover the mysteries? The story starts with a newspaper article of the Ghost of Sultanpur, wherein the mother killed by villagers titled as a witch. A writer named Madhav decides to write a book on the same story interrogating the mother’s son Fakir. Madhav makes one mistake while writing the book, which leads to the death of many people. Keep reading to know everything about the series.


Release Date: Typewriter Season 2

There is no confirmation of the release date so far, as the team didn’t announce the renewal of the season. But at the end of season one, many credit scenes were leading to Season two.

Cast: Typewriter Season 2

Abhishek Banerjee will return as Fakeer in the upcoming season. As his son, Jisshu Sengupta, as Amit Roy sacrifices his soul for his father. Palomi Ghosh will return in the series as Jenny Fernandes and Evil Jenny. The Ghost club characters played by Aaryansh Malviya, Palash Kamble, Mikhail Gandhi, and Aarna Sharma will return to the franchise. Also, Nick’s sister Sara Gesawat as Anya Fernandes, and his dad Sameer Kochhar as Peter Fernandes will join the show. And lastly, our heroic inspector, Purab Kohli, as Ravi Anand, will return to battle with the ghost and save people.

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Plot: Typewriter Season 2

As we saw at the end of season one, the typewriter gets to live again because of his son’s sacrifice. It means Evil Jenny is back! When Peter returns home after dealing with Anita, we see Jenny giving an evil smile and disappears. As Peter walks into the washroom, his eyes meet the same shirt he was wearing in the hotel. But this time, it was absorbed with blood.

Fakeer has returned to complete the task of a blood moon, but this time his soul has decided to keep it a secret. In the last season, the kids and the inspector created alot of chaos so he could complete the ritual. As his son died in the previous season, he will take the revenge of his lost son. The story will also begin with who finds the typewriter? As it was in excellent condition, someone might pick it up in the new season! Which means the introduction of a new character in the upcoming season. A new family, further chaos, new deaths, and deadly revenge. Stay tuned to know everything about the last season.

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Storyline: Typewriter Season 1

The story begins with a Fernandes family shifting in Bardez Villa in Bardez, Goa. The villa belonged to Madhav, who is Jenny’s grandfather. Jenny is married to a guy named Peter and has two kids, one boy and one girl. Son’s name is Nick Fernandes, and the daughter’s name is Anya Fernandes. The hints of the ghost begin when Jenny meets her evil self in her house. However, she tells herself that its just imagination. Then the evil Jenny bites her on the lips, which is kind of gross but to prove that what she saw is real.

The kids Bunty, Gable, and Sameera on the other side were bunking the school to see who shifted in the Villa. The Bardez villa was known for its horror stories in the past. We also know the inspector Ravi Anand who finds the kids bunky school, and one of them is his daughter Sam aka Sameera. Sam has always been interested in ghost stories as her mother died, and she is the only one who believed in Ghosts. Sam reads the book “Ghost of Sultanpur,” which was written by Madhav Jenny’s grandfather.

Further, the knots open with how Fakeer’s soul got stuck in the typewriter. What’s the story behind Evil Jenny? The story is simply that the evil Jenny is Fakeer, who has the power of shapeshifting. We get to know the article I mentioned before. Fakeer’s mother was known for her magical powers to cure people. One day Dilip and Manoj visit her asking to save their father. But the father explains that his son needs land and has nothing to do with his well being. He requests her to kill him for peace. However, Dilip’s and Manoj’s father die lending all the property to Charu, Fakeer’s mother. It makes Dilip and Manoj angry, so they decide to torcher his son even when Charu agrees to name the land in their name.

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Manoj and Dilip dodge Charu’s son, aka Fakeer, imprinting his name “Fakeer” on the wrist with a pointy instrument. It makes Charu angry, so she confronts Dilip and Manoj. They start showing ego so, Charu kills Dilip by raising her hand towards his heart, which squeezes the blood from Dilip’s heart. The villagers burn down the house of Charu, wherein both Charu and his son were locked inside. However, Charu manages to save Fakeer, and she tells him one day you will rule the world.

Fakeer grows up and is living with his wife and a son. Fakeer has to kill people to keep him alive with his powers. One day the police gangs up around him with his wife and son. He almost kills each and everyone with his skills. But his wife reveals that his eyes should be blinded to catch him. So one police fold his eyes to stop him from using his powers of sucking the blood from the heart. Madhav meets him to write a story on him, but Fakeers asks for a block of wood if he shares his story.

Madhav breaks the law being desperate for the story. Fakeer reveals that if they did not burn Fakeer’s body, he could move back into his body. The day arises when he is hanged to death. Madhav meets the police to confess that Fakeer can come alive back into his body on the full moon. Then his dead body is taken at Madhav’s place wherein Fakeer comes alive. Madhav takes the typewriter and bangs it on his face. Fakeer dies, but his soul is transferred in the Typewriter.

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