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The Walking Dead season 8 Episode 12: Here Is What We Know About Mysterious New Character Georgie

The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 12 has introduced a new character, who is looking to shake things up in a big way.  The new addition to the show could emerge as a major player later in the series.

After searching around the Hilltop, Maggie, Enid, Michonne, and Rosita spotted a van parked on the open road. In the van, there is a lady named Georgie. The fans of the show are convinced that the character is based on a particular character from the comic book series.

Georgie is played by Jayne Atkinson, who has appeared in 24 and House of Cards previously. Coming back to the episode, Georgie tells Maggie that she wants to trade knowledge. She further suggested that she comes from a community of decent people, who just want to build their future in the apocalypse.

The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 12


Many fans including Atkinson believe that this brand new character could be inspired by the Pamela Milton, the newest addition to Robert Kirkman’s comics.

Atkinson was quoted saying to, “You know, they keep everything very close to the chest. Scott [Gimple] keeps everything close to the chest,”

She further added, “And so basically when I spoke with him, he gave me a quiet overview of the kind of person she was, but no backstory, no front story. But he gave me enough to create, I think, a very dynamic and interesting person. And of course, the way it was written.”



For those, who are not familiar with the comics, Pamela is a very new character in the comics. She is a governor and all set to be a major player in the new storyline arc titled The New World Order.

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