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The Americans Season 7 in the talks! Are the rumors real or fake?? Know Here

The Americans is a Hollywood thriller television series created by Joe Weisberg. The spy thriller successfully ran for six seasons with a total of 75 episodes on the FX network. The Americans last aired on 30 May 2018 on FX Tv, can fans hope for the next season of the series??? 

After “The Americans Season 6” ended, it was made clear that Season 6 would be the final season of the series. So, we wouldn’t get to see The Americans Season 7 as the series concluded with six seasons. 

The Americans Season 7 Release Date

The series won people’s hearts with the unusual story, characters, and politics. It also became successful in fascinating the critics. Though the series is a hit number I can probably say that there is no possibility of The Americans Season 7 after the official announcement has been made. 

the americans golden globes winner

The series bagged a Golden Globe Award, two Primetime Emmy Awards, and two Peabody Awards for its works. “The Americans” is also said to be one of the best series of the era. 

The Americans Plot

The plot centers around a married couple, Elizabeth and Philip Jenning. Elizabeth and Philip Jennings are KGB officers who live in Washington DC with their two children Paige and Henry. Henry and Paige have no idea about their parents’ profession as the Jennings’ kept their professional life private. 

However, a situation arises where the Jennings and their children get into trouble and they had to fight for their survival and service. “The Americans” series truly got appreciated its unconventional story and attracted the audience towards the show.

the americans season 4 episode 3 keri russell matthew rhys

Somewhere fans felt like the finale could’ve been much better than the actual one. So the audience is hoping for another season to justify the end. The creators felt like the show had to end after six seasons and adhered to their plans. 

Besides the creators, the actors also considered Season 6 as the perfect end and didn’t want to drag the show for long. The Americans Season 6 is the best season of the series according to the audience, critics, and the crew as well. But fans still demand The Americans Season 7. 

The creators haven’t responded to the rumors yet which signifies that Season 7 is not in the plans. 


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