Nikhil Chinapa makes a wild entry in Splitsvilla along with two wildcard entries!

Do you think the wildcard entries would make survival tough for the splitsvillans?

Reality shows are my favorite dillydallies. It has got all that spice, twists, drama, and stories in it. For those who are interested in relationships and love triangles, I hope you would be following MTV Splitsvilla that airs every Saturday! We have our favorite hosts’ Sunny Leone and Ranvijay Singha to keep the show fun-filled.

Last week, the dumping round took place. Before the dumping round would start, the hosts clearly stated that two people are leaving the villa this time for sure. As Kat, Kevin, and Palak were the winners of the previous task, they enjoy their immunity and sit safely in the Gold Villa happily. Along with the trio, the rest people who are in the Gold Villa are safe this time i.e, Vyomesh, and Nikhil.

This time the Goldvillans got to pick a person who they think would be an ideal match and could save the chosen person for that dome session. As Palak is safe, she picks Nikhil and Vyom picks Arushi thinking they would be their ideal matches. Dhruv, Janvi, and Riya are the runner-ups from the Silver villa, they enjoy their immunity and sit on the safe side. Like the Goldvillans, the silvervillans also get a chance to pick a person who they think they are compatible with and bring them from the unsafe zone to the safe zone. Dhruv saves Samruddhi, Janvi saves Samarthya and Riya saves Aditi.

A majority of people voted for Palak and Nikhil, and they get a chance to appear in front of the oracle. unfortunately, the oracle reveals that the duo is not an ideal match. As said in the beginning, they had to face consequences for the mismatch. As Palak and Nikhil are not an ideal match, Nikhil can still be in the Goldvilla and can select a girl from the dumped girls and can get her into the Goldvilla. Out of Avantika, Shweta and Azma; Nikhil decides to pick Avantika and the rest girls had to go home right then. Avantika happily enters the Goldvilla.

And to another twist, Nikhil Chinapa makes a wild entry from the Wildvilla to Splitsvilla abruptly. We always know along with a sudden entry comes a sudden twist. Nikhil Chinapa gets two winners of Wildvilla i.e, Sapna and Devashish as wildcard entries. Do you think the wildcard entries would make survival tough for the splitvillans?? Maybe yes. Give me your answers in the comments section below! We gotta watch it tomorrow! Until then, stay excited and stay safe!

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