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MTV Roadies Real Heroes (Season 16) Episode 5, 10 March 2019 Highlights

Roadies Real Heroes season 16 episode 5 started with the flashback of a past episode with contestant Ashish whose attitude disappoint the judges. Priyanka and Swati Physical strength touched the heart of the judges and get selected. Adil spiritual talks make the judges laugh. In  Indore auditions,  Chetna’s flexibility shocked the judges and Pooja’s story makes the judges emotional.

Started with the auditions in Indore, at first two girls entered named Monisha and Niharika get confused seeing Ranvijay, the host, sleeping on floor and Neha ask them to wake him up as a challenge. Niharika danced and sing on Chikni Chameli song and Monisha tried soothing words to make him wake up. Niharika again raps for Ranvijay and Monisha make all the judges laugh by describing judges characters in her own way.  Both the girls then danced together.


Nikhil, one of the judges gave them the task to taunt each other while facing each other. Niharika later told the judges about her family background who don’t want her to be here and Neha doesn’t like Monisha sort of attitude. Later Niharika got selected.


Roman Sharma next contestant introduced himself as a rapper and ask the judges to give him any word and he’ll make instant rap and can do it for one and half hour. All judges gave him words like Task, Rayta, etc and he did really awesome and impressed the judges. Raftaar, the other judge told that in his life, the first time he saw someone this much good in Hindi rap. Later both Raftaar and Roman rap together and he even beat Raftaar in that. Roman performed muscle up as asked by Ranvijay.


Roman shared the moment with the judges that he told his father once that he wont to be like Raftaar and in response, his father told him to be your own and better from him(Raftaar). He got selected.

Simran Kaur third contestant showed her dance moves in big heels and get praised by judges. Ranvijay asked her to act and she did beautiful act on Highway movie with so much emotion and get selected.


Dr. Pratibha Singh, a dentist, a contestant, very confidently talked about her daily routine and did am wrestling, pull-ups. Neha, the judge, and Pratibha did the Punja fight and Neha won the challenge.


Ranvijay asked her if she wants to do something to impress the judges and Pratibha to impress the judges did Push-ups with chairs first then on the floor, later with her five and two fingers which left the judges in WoW and get selected.

At last Bhargshetu a Real Hero came, she was also awarded by Gujarat government, she’s just 21 and also handling an organization for rescuing animals, started with just 8 peoples and now have 80 people with no funding. Bhargshetu and others just contribute 50 rupees for their organization. She even rescued a drowning man once and she’s not at all have an attitude. All the judges gave her roadies salute and Raftaar played Garba with her.


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