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Download Games of Thrones Seasons from Torrents Will Make Your PC Sick

Games of Thrones Season episodes definitely commands attention and now every GOT fans must be looking out for the download options from piracy sites and torrents. This includes people who cannot afford to pay for streaming services like ShowMax, Netflix or Hotstar and who live outside the US who cannot access HBO’s services. Think twice before you download it.

This what excites hackers to take advantage of the situation and manipulate GOT fans to download all games of thrones episodes from their website. But, this doesn’t exactly go like that. What reality is that they actually download malware into their system which will make their PC sick. Reportedly, “Winter is Coming”, the show’s very first episode is the worst malware offender of all.

According to Kaspersky’s Torrent Research, about 20,000 infected Games of Thrones files were found as of 2018 and attempted to transfer the virus to PC more than 120,000 times. The Walking Dead, Arrow, CBS’s The Big Bang Theory downloads as identified in Kaspersky’s research are popular vessels for malware.

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What Type Of Malware You Will Get If You Download Game of Thrones Illegally?

About 33 types of programs were discovered by Kaspersky’s cybersecurity team associated with illegal downloads of Game of Thrones. Two of the most common threats found were “Not-a-virus: Downloader” and “Not-a-virus: AdWare”.

Trojan.WinLNK.The agent virus is most likely to encounter that can open up your device to downloading further malware. Even it can delete or copy your data in PC.  Most serious is ransomware that will lock your computer or PC until you pay handsome fees.

According to research, adware infections and downloaders combine for a 49% share of malicious files.

Source: Makeuseof

How To Avoid Downloading Malware or Any Serious Virus?

Before downloading any movies or TV shows, take precautions and check whether the torrent is fake or not. Doing things legal is best to be safe. Make sure the file doesn’t end in .exe or has suspicious file extensions. One should be clear of any private download websites.

Keep your antivirus up to date and use only reputable and reliable cybersecurity options for your devices. It is advisable to check the user’s comments before going into anything. Also, check the company’s name and URL format. Don’t trust on fishy advisement that says that it will provide you with all seasons or TV shows free. Common, no one do not for free.


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