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All About Netflix’s Upcoming Drama, Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!

Every teenager out there has been through times when they felt embarrassed due to any member of their families. But what we don’t understand at that time is that they are trying to make us happy, right? Here is a drama that can make you remember those times. Bentley Kyle Evans’s Dad Stop Embarrassing Me will make you laugh with fondness.


Release Date: Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!

Netflix will be hosting the show for its season one as ordered by the streamer. The show is slated for 14 April 2021 to stream. Ken Whittingham directed all the eight episodes of Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! Zero Gravity Management and LBI Entertainment are the production companies involved in the project.

Cast: Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!

The drama will have a very cool casting where one of the leads is playing more than one character. Jamie Foxx will be the star of the show as Brian Dixon. He is the one playing three more supporting roles as Rusty, Cadillac Calvin, and Rev. Sweet Tee. 

The next most prominent role is played by Kyla-Drew, aka, Sasha Dixon. Porscha Coleman and David Alan Grier will be playing the roles of Chelsea Dixon and Pops Dixon, respectively. A major role of Johnny Williams will be played by Jonathan Kite.

Some artists will be seen in recurring roles in the drama as well. Heather Hemmens and Valente Rodriguez will be playing the roles of Stacy Collins and Manny, respectively.


Plot: Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! Will be a fun journey for all the viewers. Brian, a bachelor for all his life and owner of a makeup brand suddenly has a new life. Being a faithful guy and responsible too, Brain takes care of her newly found teenage daughter and tries his best to be a good father.

But in his attempt to be a caring dad, he sometimes makes Sasha, his daughter, feel embarrassed. How will this new relationship in Brian’s life change him? Let us watch the trailer and get some insights into the upcoming drama.

While Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! Shows how a dad is trying his best to make it up to his time lost with his daughter, there is another drama showing other sides of parenthood. Into The Beat will make you think that if you want to follow your passion or follow your parent’s plan for you.

Trailer: Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!


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