Top 5 Animation Movies of All Time

When someone brags about their favorite animation movie, most of the time they get judged. Are you a kid? Why would you watch animations? So, my message to all those judgemental people is to watch any one of the belowmentioned animations and then decide. Animations contain some of the best historical stories and masterpieces of other genres. Sadly, they never get the recognition they are worthy of. Check out these 10 animes, and see if you have heard about them or not.

The Lion King

The Lion King (1994 film):

The Lion King is not just a movie, it is nostalgia to uncountables. The beautiful animation with smart dubbing in the 1994 film is unbeatable to date. There are numerous remakes of the film, sequels, and television series. The saying, “Original is after all an originalstands for such masterpieces. The animation touches the heart of the watchers, despite their age group. And I dont think that I need to tell you who Simba is, do I? So, how many of you are gonna rewatch it after reading this?

Spider man

SpiderMan: Into The SpiderVerse (2018 film):

Are you a Spiderman fan? The webthrowing superhero has several movies featuring him but this animation is unmatched. Out of all the Spiderman movies, series, and animations out there, this animation is unique. We get multiple spider characters. The voice cast of the animation brings life to the film. The soundtrack and plot will get you hooked up on it.


Coco (2017 film):

If you have a heart then, brace

yourself to shed a lot of tears. The animation is one of the best of its kind. Coco has a unique story and amazing animations. Pixars Coco has an Oscar winner soundtrack. Literally, I cried my heart out whenRemember mestarted in the background. Have you watched it?


WALLE (2008 film):

Pixar sure understands the concept of visualization. In 2008, WALLE premiered and with barely any dialogues explained the whole story. The film bagged the Best Animated Film Academy Award for the hearttouching story. Well, the robots look quite adorable throughout the movie. If you havent watched it yet then, go ahead with it now.

pIts Such A Beautiful Day

Its Such A Beautiful Day (2012 film):

One of the most creative animations ever. Creator Don Hertzfeldt successfully portrayed a critical issue with the help of a stickman. Yeah, he used those one-line body figurines in the whole movie. A few people know about this masterpiece. Its Such A Beautiful Day will actually make your day beautiful.

I am sure that these beautiful animation films will help you to have a good family time. But before you start bingewatching them, would you mind answering all the questions in the comments? Also, take a look at the most renowned martial art stars of all time. And name the animation you like the most and your reason for liking it too? See you guys in the comments.

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