Three Men and a Baby Remake: Zac Efron playing the lead role return to Disney Plus 

Zac Efron has always been everyone’s childhood celebrity crush since the High School Musical film series. The actor has played a significant part in the 90s kid’s life. He is returning to Disney with the remake of the film “Three Men and a Baby”. The comedy film was about three bachelor’s who accidentally delivered a baby on their doorsteps. However, they panic at first but manage to take care of the baby with time. Soon all three bachelors get attached to the baby. A Bollywood film named ” Hey, Baby” was also the remake of “Three Men and a Baby.” Let us see what this film has to offer, stick with me to know the plot theories. 

three men and a baby

zac efron in Three men and a baby

Release Date: Three Men and a Baby

Disney plus hasn’t yet announced the release date of the film. But the filming of the movie will begin soon according to the reports. 

Cast: Three Men and a Baby

Zac Efron will play one of the daddies like a figure to the baby. The fandom has guessed him to be Peter Michelle. Tom Selleck played the character. You might know him from Friends series as Richard aka Monica’s boyfriend. The team did not reveal the announcement in regards to the rest of the cast. 

Plot: Three Men and a Baby

As the film is a remake of the previous movie, the plot might change in the upcoming film. The last film had two parts one was “Three Men and a baby” and the other was “Three Men and a little lady.” The film has won Teen Choice Awards in the same year after it’s release. 

The story is about three bachelor men named Peter, Steve, and Ted, who suddenly receive a baby at their doorsteps. As all of the three men party with women, they have no idea how to take care of a real baby. They struggle at first but take good care of making a list of right baby care products such as diapers, moisturisers, and more. 

zac efron in Three men and a baby.jpg 3

It will be fascinating to see Zac Efron is one of the fatherly figures in the film. In the Bollywood movie, one of the paternal figures was the real dad. The baby belonged to the women he fooled around in the past. But in the Hollywood film, the movie talked about some drug delivery exchanged with the baby. In both the film, the three men travelled park and sung goodnight songs for the baby was one of the cutest scenes in the film.  

zac efron in Three men and a baby.jpg 4

The baby belonged to a celebrity who cannot jeopardise her career for the sake of the baby. However, she returns to take the baby back and move to London. But all the three bachelors stop her and ask the women of the baby to live with them. We don’t know the plot of the remake yet, but Disney films never lose their touch of fluffy movies. Hope this turns out better than expectations, till then stay tuned for more updates! 


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