The Twelve Netflix series: Will a mother kill her child?

The Twelve Netflix series is coming up with its first season! The show is about a mother who is accused of killing her own daughter and her beloved best friend. The question and the resulting raise among the 12 jurors who are responsible for what happens next! 


Release date of The Twelve Season 1:

The trailer was released in June and the series will launch on `10th July 2020 only on Netflix! It is a dutch series which has released its English dub due to its popularity!

The Cast of The Twelve Season 1: 

“Maaike Neuville”, “Charolette De Bruyne” and “Tom Vermeir” will play the role of a father, witness and mother in the series. Also, 12 jurors will be introduced in the series. other cast includes “Mieke De Groote”, “Johan Heldenbergh”, “Zouzou Ben Chikha”, “Peter Gorissen”, “Piet De PraitereMaaike Cafmeyer” and more! 

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The Plot of The Twelve Season 1:

The show is based on crime and mystery showcasing a mother who is accused of killing her own daughter and her best friend. The story is also rumored to be based on the real-life incident but we haven’t reached any confirmation about it. In the trailer, we see the mother falsely accused as per her and she demands a retrial. 

The mother is claimed of having bad behavior which was referenced to the daughter and proves that she killed her own daughter. The series will also open our eyes that the past inst which can always be the base of future crimes! 

The series also somewhat relate to the “Unbelievable” Netflix limited series in which a girl is blamed for acting a false rape. But this series had like 8 episodes and no further seasons. The Twelve will be the highlight as it will just come up with season one with 10 episodes. 

The jurors also claim that they won’t be able to solve this as they don’t find themselves right for the particular case! Also, we will see a witness that will be introduced to gain justice! The series definitely begins with mother but who knows? There might be unknown criminals adding the storyline!

This is really questioning that why would a mother kill her own daughter? A very controversial series that might be having a lump in the stomach if the reviews aren’t favorable. As we saw that the “Insatiable” series was banned because of pressure created by the audience!  

The trailer of The Twelve series:

You can watch a clear video on Netflix’s original website.

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