“The Suicide Squad 2”: Will Find ‘Harley Queen” be their next mission?

Suicide Squad 2! Where we have introduced crazy characters like “Harley Queen”, “Katana”, “Dead shot”, “Enchantress”, “Killer Croc” and the one and only “Joker”! The characters were well introduced at the start of the movie, showing their powers and capabilities. 2021 awaits for the upcoming “Suicide Squad” team to say “We are bad guys this is what we do”! Stick with me to know everything about this upcoming series!

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The Release Date of “The Suicide Squad 2”

The movie was going release in 2020 as the filming started in 2016 but due to pandemic the post-production flow was stopped and now the film is set to release on 6 August 2021!

The Cast of “The Suicide Squad 2”

The original cast won’t be joining the show as in the previous season “Will Smith” was the dead shot and “Idris Elba” was the actual person who was supposed to be playing as “Dead Shot”. But since that didn’t happen Will Smith won’t be joining the stage but “Idris Elba” will join with a new character which might be similar to a dead shot.

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  • “Margot Robbie” aka Harley Quinn will join the sequel.
  • “Viola Davis” as Amanda Waller, who has won the “Emmy” awards for best actress in “How to get away with Murder”.
  • “Joel Kinnaman” aka Rick Flag, will return the show as he saved his wife and country at the same time in the first part!
  • “Jai Courtney” aka Captain Boomerang (Digger), his powers are throwing a boomerang to mock someone! He was last seen in “The Flash” and he is also known as the enemy of “Flash”
  • “David Dastmalchian” aka Polka-Dot Man, his dots can be changed into anything like a giant bubble and he is Batman’s enemy.
  • “Daniela Melchior” aka Ratcatcher, another enemy of Batman who has the power to control the army of rats and manipulate with some gas.
  • “Steve Agee” aka the voice of “King Shark”, he will be a replacement to the character of Killer Croc and has a shark-like body with gills. He was last seen in “The Flash series”

The Plot of “The Suicide Squad 2”

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The second part will be about Harley Quin as she escaped the prison with Joker it will be really interesting to see what happens next! We also saw that the enchantress is finally out of the “Cara Delevingne” body. What if the enchantress returns? There is also cast like “John Sena” adding the show value but we still don’t know about his character! It will be surprising to see him playing in superhero movies after being the WWE champion!

The Storyline of “Suicide Squad”

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The suicide squad itself is a team of villains who have to save the world against enchantress. They succeed as we saw in the end Harley Quin bluffs about her being at the side of Enchantress and takes away her heart. After which Rick crushes it which removes the ghost out of his wife’s body. Everyone successful with their mission, Viola returns as Amanda Waller who is also known as the officer, who formed this suicide squad. She comes and ask for wishes but doesnt allow to leave the prison as promised. Everyone asks for something or the other and in the end, we see Joker breaking in and taking her “Harley” back in the world!

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