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The Pathless: Everything we know so far about the open-world archer game

Giant Squid, the developer that gained renown for making Abzu, the stunning underwater game, is back with a brand new epic. Their brand new Ip, titled The Pathless, is a mythic adventure saga published by Annapurna Interactive. After presenting a trailer at the Playstation State of Play event in August, the developers further showcased the upcoming game by dropping a demo.

The Pathless: Release date

Initially scheduled for a vague 2020 release, we now have a date for the upcoming video game—the Pathless releases on November 12 for PS4, PS5, PC, and Apple Arcade. Coincidentally, November 12 is also the release date of Sony’s Playstation 5, so The Pathless is a launch title for the next-gen console.

The Pathless: Gameplay

The Pathless is a third-person open-world adventure game. In it, players take control of the protagonist, a huntress with bows and arrows. She also has an eagle as her companion. The player can roam in the minimalist open-world in search of old temples. Furthermore, the huntress can hunt cursed spirits and solve various puzzles to understand more about the world. The combat is archery-based, plus, since the protagonist is a huntress, there are also stealth elements in the game.

As for the Eagle, it does not act as a silent observer. Instead, the player can use the Eagle in multiple ways, including solving riddles, chasing spirits and scaling cliffs. Players can also increase the Eagle’s abilities by collecting hidden crystals. Plus, increasing its abilities will also help the player to reach new places on the map. Still, the most interesting part about the Eagle is, there is a petting mechanic available that can be used to pet the companion.

The Pathless, however, revels in bending the established rules in the genre. As such, the game does not have a map. It does not have fixed missions as well, so there is no such thing as game over. Furthermore, gamers don’t have to worry about aiming the bow to shoot. Thus, The Pathless is a unique and fresh take on the tried and tested system.

The Pathless: Story

Currently, we have no information about the game’s story. Moreover, we are not even sure that the game even has a story. If there’s any update on this, we will let you know.

The Pathless: Trailer

Check out the new gameplay video here.

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