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The Map of Tiny Perfect Things: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Trailer

Sometimes you have to get stuck, to find something worth chasing.

Are you interested in comedy? Well, who isn’t? Are you interested in science fiction as well? If your answer to both my questions is yes then this is the perfect match for your interest. Amazon Prime Video is going to release The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, under Ian Samuels’s direction. The film gets produced by Akiva Goldsman from Weed Road Pictures while Lev Grossman is behind the screenplay for The Map of Tiny Perfect Things. Let us know more about this Kathyrn Newton starer film.

The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things Cast


Release Date: The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

The movie hits the screen on 12 February 2021, which is exactly two days from now. Did I tell you that The Map of Tiny Perfect Things has a romantic angle as well? This is what makes the film to come out near Valentines Day a better thing. You can have a date night this Friday or on 14 February with The Map of Tiny Perfect Things. So, stable your network connection and go to your Amazon Prime Video to watch the film.

Cast: The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

The cast features Kathyrn Newton playing the role of Margaret. She also starred in Gary Unmarried as Louise Brooks. Kyle Allen plays the role of Mark. Jermaine Harris plays the role of Henry. Anna Mikami plays the role of Pheobe. Josh Hamilton plays the role of Daniel. Alessandro Liborio Madrigal plays the role of Mr. Pepper. Jorja-An Fox plays the role of Greta. Cleo Fraser plays the role of Emma.

The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things Release


Plot: The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

The plot is the extension to Levi’s short story with the name, The Map of Tiny Perfect Things. We see that Mark and Margaret relive a day over and again. They discovered a time loop in a library and they are observing every tiny perfect thing from that day. Mark and Margaret may fall in love while they see everything around them again and again. Does it sound like an interesting story to you? If you are given a choice, which day will you relive?

After a lot of romance and comedy, I have a mystery thrill for you. The Girl on The Train is coming on Netflix on 26 February 2021. Headlines of Today keeps you updated with every upcoming movie, film series, or drama. So, stay tuned!

Trailer: Time is something that we spend and, it never comes back.

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