The Last of Us 3: Release date, Cast, Plot and more

The Last of Us 3: People have lost their loved ones and had grieved for it but this is the gameplay which totally connects this though. It has received many critics but yet has sold millions of copies around the world. Keep reading to know everything about this gameplay! 

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The Last of Us 3 Release Date: 

The gameplay’s release date is not yet announced but the writer aka Neil Druckmann said that they will probably make the next series of the game which will be more like the first part as the second one received many critics. He also said it will be based on the first part of there won’t be any part 3 of the gameplay! 


Joel aka Troy Baker will return in the upcoming game along with her daughter figure Ellie aka Ashley Johnson. There will be new villains and creatures if there is a possible return of the series! New combat weapons will be used. Like last time we saw Ellie breaking a glass, ropeway, and knives! Also, the tall grass used to hide in the gameplay! 

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The gameplay if out will be about the first type of gameplay according to the writer so maybe we will have someone to the rescue of Elie! We might also see new faces returning to the show. Also creatures like the last series, which were very horrifying as some creatures hid in the dark and attacked the player! 


The game starts with Joel getting a call from his brother Tommy about the Apocalypse and Sarah picks up the call. Sarah is Joel’s daughter who dies in the attack of creatures, he reaches his brother but is however saddened by the fact his daughter is dead. He meets Ellie on the journey who he was first asked to kidnap but however learning the truth he helps Ellie. 

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Ellie has a close relationship with Joel in the gameplay. She wants to reach a hospital in the gameplay but they discover that the whole point was using her body parts to rescue someone else. Joel rescues Elle and takes her far away and build a life from them. However, Ellie discovers places in Seatle the gameplay becomes more intense as Ellie will face many villains attacking her in the gameplay from creatures to squad groups. However, the show received a lot of criticism so we don’t know if the next sequel is likely to come but looking at its success maybe it will return the game universe again! 

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