The English Game Season 2, Edward Holcroft & Kevin Guthrie will REPRISE their respective roles!!!

The English Game is a British sport historical drama focusing on football created by Julian Fellowes, Tony Charles, and Oliver Cotton. The English Game Season 1 aired on 20 March 2020 with six episodes on Netflix. The anthology series received tremendous response from the spectators and are anticipating for a second season. What do you say??

The English Game Season 2 Release

Netflix hasn’t renewed the series for a second season nor concluded it. So, fans are probably waiting for another season to hit onscreen very soon. However, the pandemic is hitting hard, which led to many delays. If at all, the creators already planned for “The English Game Season 2,” we expect Season 2 to be out in early 2021. Watch the official trailer of The English Game Season 1 to have a glance at the plot!! 

The English Game Season 2 Cast

The main characters of the series are likely to return. If there’s a change in the plot, an entirely new cast will appear. 

  • Edward Holcroft plays Arthur Kinnaird, a lead footballer. 
  • Kevin Guthrie plays Fergus Suter, the first recognized professional footballer. 

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The story is entirely about the above two people. 

The English Game Season 2 Plot 

The plot follows two passionate footballers’ documentary, “Arthur Kinnaird” and “Fergus Suter.”  Not only the screenplay but also the story of the expert footballers attracted the audience. The story was well portrayed right from being a member to forming their team in England. It showed how the sport created an impact on the players and made it a worldwide sport. Showing the real story in just six episodes is not an easy thing!!! All credits to the team!!! The story of the two was fascinating and well portrayed in the film. The screenplay Basing on their real-life events went realistic and connected many young sportspeople.


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The English Game Season 2 would explore more of their olden days and shoot at various places portraying their different life phases. It will go back to the 1870s, where the football club owner James Walsh led the two footballers to reach the quarter-finals. Football has become the national sport of England then. They succeeded in making football a worldwide sport and were the first ones to raise the trophy, which is indeed a proud moment for the team and the country. The English Game is a must watch show!!!! It’s genuinely inspiring and proud. Don’t miss it!! Watch it away, streaming on Netflix. 


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