The Duchess Netflix: Release date, Cast, and Plot.

A comedy series is coming up on Netflix this 2020. The series is about a single mother getting paranoid over having a second child. The series is featuring Katherine Ryan, the Canadian comedian who is famous for her standup comedy. Keep reading to know everything about the upcoming series. 

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Release Date: The Duchess

The film is releasing on 11th September only on Netflix. The team launched the trailer on 17th August 2020 on the official youtube channel. 

Cast: The Duchess

Katherine Ryan will be playing the lead role as a single mother. She has a daughter Olive [layed by Kate Bryan. Steen Raskopoulos as her current boyfriend and Rory Keenan as her ex-husband. Other casts like Michelle De Swarte, Emer Kenny and Doon Mackichan will also be playing a part in the series.  

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Plot: The Duchess

The series will be six-episode long with Katherine Ryan trying to find a donor for her second child. We see her daughter Olivia having trouble in school with a school mate bullying her unnecessarily.  However, Katherine confronts the bully’s mother for wrongful parenting by saying “Parenting isn’t that difficult”. She finds herself craving to have a second child for her first daughter as an alone child becomes lonely, which she suffered in the past. 

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We see her having a feud with her ex-husband, but she promises Olvia that no matter how imperfect heir relationship is they both love her. Katherine also shares the news to her boyfriend about having a second child. Her boyfriend gets nervous; however, she adds in further “with the help of a sperm donor.” She also gets wild with the whole second baby thing by asking for it to her ex-husband. People also taunt and pity Katherine for not being able to work it out with her ex-husband who is a famous musician. 

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The series will be about her way of finding a donor. Katherine and her daughter also meet their sperm donor in the series. I think it’s going to be a fluffy series full of fun school feud, and the life of a single mother. The series will be more about drama and comedy with a pinch of emotional touch ups which is excellent for September picks. Till then, stay tuned for more updates.

Trailer:The Duchess

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