The Boys 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast and Storyline

The Boys 2: What if the superheroes that aren’t there to save you? What if their motives were more political? What if they used their superpowers to have control over you? The  Boys series is basically about the bad superheroes who killed people and escaped with a PR activity. A very ironic show changing the marvel concept like an alternate universe! 

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The Boys 2 Release Date:

The series is set to release on 4th September 2020! The trailer is out in December! Good news that the season won’t be delayed or canceled!


The original cast might return in the next season. “Karl Urban” will return as Billy, “Antony Starr” the number one superhero named Homelander, “Erin Moriarty” as Annie January,  “Christopher Convery” as Hughie, and more!


Billy and his team against the 7 superheroes! We might see  “Becca Butcher” returning to the show! Surprise surprise! As we saw that she was alive and not just her but the child which was conceived during her assault done by Homelander! We will so see some romance between Starlight and Hughie. We will also learn about Homelander’s pasts as he was never born in a fancy house but a 4 by 4 house where Eleven was kept in Stranger Things! What will happen if Billy realizes that for the woman he is talking revenge is still alive with Homelander’s baby? 

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A company named Vought International that is run by “Elisabeth Shue” as Madelyn Stillwell who owns 7 superheroes and sells them to different countries for protection. All the superheroes are like brands they cannot act out in public. The story starts with a very shy man who works in a radio store. 

A very simple man who comes out of the store to visit his wife named Robin Ward. He catches her hand on the start of the edge of the road just when a superhero named “A-Train” walks on her which killed her! Hughie just had her hands hanging and his whole face covered into the blood. A-train is a superhero who could run fastest and he mistakenly runs in Robin who was on the edge. He almost consumed her by killing her in seconds. 

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A-Train runs away and the superhero PR manager offers Hughie a huge amount and his dad forces him to take the money. All Hughie wanted is to take revenge! He crosses his Path with Billy who offers him help. He tells him that we can take the revenge as the superheroes aren’t exactly how they portray the world. He takes him to places where superheroes like Aquaman are fooling around with women, and more other superheroes just having the time of their life. 

Billy explains Hughie that he raped his wife Becca and she died while delivering the baby! So he wants Homelander dead at any cost! In their journey, they kill the invisible superhero who attacks them played by  “Alex Hassell”. We also see Starlight sexually assaulted by Deep, and he claims that they will remove her if she says no to him. Starlight realizes that all the team isn’t what she thought and it’s all their PR activity. 

We also see Queen Maeve and Homelander who could rescue the plane and save everyone. But they don’t and leave the plane to crash and act like they were never informed. Queen Maeve doesnt like Homelander using someone’s death as a PR activity. The whole story also revolves around a compound that is made to actually produce superhero babies! 


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