The Batman 2021: Release date, Cast, Plot and Trailer. 

The Batman 2021: The DC films are back with another Batman film. We won’t be seeing the usual feuds between Joker and the Batman. However, Catwomen will be playing as the protagonist of the film. As we all know that Catwoman is a supervillain turned superhero in the comics. Keep reading to learn about the upcoming DC film. 

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Release Date: The Batman

The film is releasing on 1st October 2021, and the team launched the trailer on 23rd August 2020. The users have expressed their excitement with comments like “we gonna see the real batman now,” “does anyone else feels goosebumps when Robert Pattinson says I’m Vengeance .” and more! 

Cast: The Batman

Robert Pattinson will be playing the lead character as Batman in the film. Besides him the female lead joining the stage as Catwoman is none other than Zoë Kravitz. She played a part in Big Little Lies series. Paul Dano will be playing the main protagonist of the show as Riddler. Rest of the cast includes Colin Farrell aka Penguin, Jeffrey Wright aka Commissioner Gordon, John Turturro aka Carmine Falcone, Peter Sarsgaard aka Gil Colson, Jayme Lawson aka Bella Real and more. 

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Plot: The Batman

The significant difference than the other Batman Films would be the change of Batman’s suit. DC Comics made a change in Batman’s case, which quite resembles Spiderman costume. The plot leak might now be 100% sure but it does include spoilers. So let’s dive into it! 


So the film starts with notes to Batman in every death case. The first note starts with No more lies then the commissioner hands over the message to Batman. The court of owls sent a card message on the murder victims body. “What does a Liar do when he is dead? Haven’t a clue, let’s play a game just you and me” was written inside the card. More like a riddle, yes you are guessing it correct Riddler will also appear as the main protagonist of the show. Clues will be plotted with every murder happening around him. We also see him fight with the policemen as the death are the occurrence of his history. A man wearing a forensic is taping the murder victim. Batman might be playing as the detective in comics. 

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How is the court of Owls and Riddlers connected? In the Watchmen comic book’s sequel Doomsday Clock, the members of Court of Owls had an underground gathering held by none other than Riddler itself! Which shows their connection in the upcoming film. They were talking about

“The Superman Theory.” So who is Riddler? The one who appeared in the first Batman film series. He can solve puzzles, riddles and codes in seconds. When Riddler was a child, he won competitions with regards to his talents. He started scamming the people with mind games of these puzzles. Riddler wanted to be known as the best, so he targets Batman. Riddler is one of the worst protagonists of Batman series but a  little better than Joker and Two-face. 

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Other than The Court of Owls, one more protagonist will join Riddler, which is Penguin. He is short, beak-nosed and has a hefty weight. When Penguin was a child, his mom died, so all the relatives ignored him because of his flaws. He becomes a criminal of Gautham City. Penguin had an umbrella as a combat weapon. The umbrella can shoot, release acid spray, revolving blades, hypnotising someone and alternatively used to fly like a helicopter. He did robberies to survive and used his umbrella as a defence. Penguin also has high-class connections which he might kill when needed. One day, he broke one of his statue’s in Batman’s film series and framed Batman for it. 

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What is Catwoman doing in the upcoming film? We will see Catwoman turning from against Batman to with Batman. However, Batman and Catwoman get close in the comics, but Batman finds out that she manipulated him with the help of Riddler and Hush. Who is Hush? Hush’s real name is Thomas “Tommy” Elliot. He was Bruce Wayne’s aka Batman’s best friend. Tommy thought, Batman how to use someone’s ability against them. In a summer camp, Tommy attacked a boy and Bruce and his mother complained. That lead to Tommy encountering into a psychotic ward. When Tommy grew up, he had grudges against Bruce’s family, so he killed everyone and worked as a surgeon. One day his life crosses with Riddler asks Tommy aka Hush to team up with him having the same motives of killing Batman. 

Other than these characters, Peter Sarsgaard aka Gil Colson will appear as a district attorney who has a problem telling the truth. The actor revealed this information in The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. That’s all for the plot, till then stay tuned for more DC films. If you like DC films, you can check out my article on Wonder Woman 1984.

Trailer: The Batman

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