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The Babysitter RETURNS with a sequel “The Babysitter: Killer Queen” on Netflix. 

What if even after fighting your fears and winning the return to haunt you to death? It is a film sequel of the 2017 film “The Babysitter.” The second part will also involve romance and horror with the Babysitters haunting Cole back after two years. Keep reading to know everything about the upcoming film. 

Release Date: The Babysitter: Killer Queen

The film is releasing on the 10th of September 2020. The first part telecasted on Netflix on the 13th of October 2017. It means that the film is releasing precisely after three years! The cast has grown up in the film sequel, with the new cast also starring in the movie. 

Cast: The Babysitter: Killer Queen

Judah Lewis will return playing the lead character as Cole. Samara Weaving as Bee will haunt Cole to death. Her mates Bella Thorne as Allison, Robbie Amell as Max, King Bach as John, and Hana Mae Lee as Sonya will also star in the film sequel. Cole’s friend Emily Alyn Lind as Melanie will play a pivotal part in the sequel than the previous film. YOU series actress “Jenna Ortega” will appear as Cole’s savior playing the role of Phoebe. Leslie Bibb and Ken Marino will be playing as Cole’s Mom and Dad. 

Plot: The Babysitter: Killer Queen

The film will continue with Cole killing everyone in the first film. Its been two years, and Cole still lives in fear of the Babysitters. He was traumatized by the events, and everyone doesn’t believe his story that the Babysitter and her friends tried to kill him. Melanie, his school friends, returns to High school but is already dating someone. However, we gathered information through the trailer that she is in love with Cole. But Melanie still dates a douche from college. 

The only person who believes Cole’s story is Melanie as she was the one encouraging Cole to check on his babysitter. Cole keeps thinking about the past, and hence all the ghost return to haunt him again. Now once more, Cole has to tackle the Babysitter and his friends. We didn’t see Bee appear in the trailer. However, the women in the lake look like Bee. They Tied Cole on a chair. 

Who will come to save him? This scene is when Phoebe enters the picture to keep Cole away from the Ghosts. It looks like the ghost has a time limit this time as they are dead. Phoebe helps him run, fight, and defend the spirits like a boss! In the meantime, we see Melanie will confess her feelings for Cole. We can expect a love triangle between Phoebe, Melina, and Cole. It will be fascinating to see all the child celebrities grow up in the upcoming sequel. 

Storyline: The Babysitter: Killer Queen

In the first part, we see Bee, a hot babysitter taking care of Cole, a nerd skinny kid. We see a few kids bullying Cole, but Bee appears at the right time and freaks out the kids. Cole gets close to Bee like a friend. But one fine day, everything changes when he learns the truth about his babysitter being a psychopath killer. 

One day Cole stays awake to check what does the babysitter does when he sleeps. He watches her playing truth or dares with her four mates and a young boy. However, on Bee’s dare, she has to kiss the young boy. She seductively kisses the boy to which Cole watches secretly peeping from the staircase upper-end. He gets shocked when he sees Bee thrusting the knives in the young boy’s head, probably his age. 

The team has a pact of killing innocent kids, pushing sharp knives at their brain edges. Deaths will help the babysitters to ask the devil whatever they desire. They find out that Cole gets to know the truth; hence Bee and his friends decide to kill him. But the story takes a twist when they play Kill Cole by hunting him in his own house. Cole smartly tackles them and calls the police. As the two policemen arrive, Bee and his friends kill them too. In the end, Cole manages to use their sanity to kill themselves. He has a heating feud between him and Bee, but he manages to kill her. He also burns down the book which Bee and his friends protected. The book was about the devil asking for sacrifices in return for human desires. 

Trailer: The Babysitter: Killer Queen


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