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Spider-Man: Homecoming review:

The movie released on July 7 this year has been one of the blockbusters indeed. With increase in fans, the movie’s numbers have escalated rapidly too.

Gladly, the whole story doesn’t seem way too heroic for its fans, instead, it focuses on creating an innocent impact on the character of Peter; it almost seems like a character reboot.

The special appearances made by Robert Downey Jr. serve as a cherry on the cake. The director makes sure that audience is hooked to the movie until the very end of it and adds a perfect mix of action and the whole teen-life essence into his work.

The fantasy/ science fiction film earns 4/5 stars by the critics who analyzed every shot minutely and accurately.

It is also marked as the most enjoyable film after The Avengers under the tag of Marvels.

The most appreciated element by the viewers of the film remains the one where the movie doesn’t bother to elaborate the past or history of Spidey or how Uncle Ben died. It clearly focuses on Spiderman a.k.a Peter Parker.

The vulture played fantastically well by Michael Keaton also grabs the attention and is admired by the fans. The big bad guy is applauded for and well-deservingly so!

Instead of overwhelming the audience with the whole superhero stuff, Watts prefers to keep the scale low key and opts for a bit realistic approach unlike the previous movies made on Spiderman.

The film is still running in the theaters, proving its worth to those who dare question it.

The initial phase of the film remains slow, but gradually it catches pace and ends up leaving the viewers in awe of the great Spiderman.

Packed with web-slinging, punches, action and high school setting, the film remains a must watch for all Marvel fans.

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